Please excuse typo's, spelling errors and other mistakes. My grammar was bad to begin with and now that I can post these from my phone...well... it's not going to improve

My wife was out of town so it was an AWESOME weekend! LOL

She doesn't read my log so I can say that without consequences, well, I assume she doesn't read it. I guess I will find out soon enough.

I trained back on Sat with Sir John Meadows again. I will start trying to post more videos of some of the things we do. I have a few from this past week I will drop in this log.


Saturday Training


Swiss Bar Pull Downs
* 4-5 sets of 10 warm up sets
* 2 work sets of 10-12 using each grip. A total of 6 work sets

+super set with+
Seated Comfort Grip Rows - this was unique in that we used a mixed grip and swamped hand position with each set.
* 4 work sets of 10 reps

Seated MAG grip rows
- As you will see in the video we pull these to 2-3 different positions within each set.
* 1-2 warm up sets
* 4 work sets increasing the weight with each set (reps 8-12 per position)



Kettlebell Rows - we have been doing these for the past few weeks. The advantage is you can pull your elbows back and up more than you could with a dumbbell (the DB would hit your quads).
* 4 work sets 6-8 reps & each with a drop set



Reverse Hypers
* 4 sets of 10 reps

Standing Calf Raise
* 4 sets 10-15

Seated Calf Raise
* 4 sets 10-15

Spent the rest of the day watching my kids fight over who gets to play the Ps3 and reviewing position statements. With the new site many of our systems and positions need restructured as the old way many things were done has been replaced with technology and the technology has added other ways of doing work. All these needs to be reflected with with position statements thus they all need reviewed.




Decline Press Machine
* 2 warm up sets
* 3 sets of 10 (4 reps shy of failure)

Reverse Band Shoulder Saver Band Press
* No idea how many warm up sets I did but it was many
* Worked up with 20-25 pound jumps after the weight started to feel heavy.

*The video below was my top set.  As you will hear Todd begin to say at the end of the click "The Bench Was Moving". This is my indicator that I am NOT pressing the way I should be but how I used to press.

Over 30 years of Powerlifting I learned (as your supposed to) to make the bench press a total body movement. You must be tight as hell and driving your body into the bench as you press the weight. I teach this as pressing your body down into the pad away from the weight - not the weight away from you. When you do this with your legs out in front of you this will cause a bench to move back (if it is not attached to the rack).  I used a power rack to bench for this reason. When I am told the bench is driving back hard I know I have resorted to what has been engrained in me - then I know to change it.

Why do I not want to change it?


  • First my shoulder needs replaced so the less weight I can use to get the desired result the better.
  • Second, I am not ever going to compete again
  • Third, I want to train the chest not my total body.


So when I am told this I strip the weight and place my feet up on the bench and slow the tempo down. This takes all the leg drive away and allows me to bench the way I want to bench.


It feels freaking awesome to bench like I used to! - even if it is by accident. It's just not worth the price in the long term (due to the damage I have already done) and it will not help build or maintain muscle any better.

Chain Flies
* 4 sets 10-12 (to failure)

Cable Flies (at chin level) with Grenade Balls
* 4 sets of 10-12 (to failure)

Decline Machine Press
* 4 work sets of 10 using only 1 plate per side. My goal with these is to flex as hard as I can and use a temp that will force me to fail before 10 reps.

Here is a video of Ted coming back from a very serious groin tear several months ago.

Add in cub scouts, In door BMX, movie night and that's how I have spent this weekend.