Powerbuilding: Week 2

Second training week of the offseason is in the books, and everything is coming up strong! I'm definitely still struggling with some aspects of muscle activation, but it's a big motivator to see my strength coming up even from the lighter volume training.

Monday: Bench Lockout, Grip & Arms
Definitely dragging from my epic deadlift session yesterday, but managed to haul my ass to the gym anyway and get it done. It’s my own fault, anyway: I definitely loaded up on too much preworkout yesterday, which always makes the next session harder.

Bench with Full Boar Slingshot

Rolling Thunder deadlift
125 for several singles with each hand

Concentration curl with Fat Gripz
Barbell curl with Fat Gripz
Hammer curl with EliteFTS strong band
Pulley pushdown
Pinch grip holds

Tuesday: Squat, Quads, Hams & Calves
Feeling better today, which was good because the workout was FUCKING BRUTAL. Skipped hamstrings on Sunday so I had to catch up today, and when it was all over? I could hardly walk. Fortunately I got a great postworkout meal from the famous Stiles Switch BBQ, so I’ll be ready to go for Thursday.

Squat with wraps

Leg extension
Lying leg curl
Seated leg curl
Reverse hyperextension
Standing calf raise

Starting with this workout until next Tuesday, I’m also performing 300 reps of lateral raises for shoulders using an EliteFTS mini band at night. Takes about 5-10 minutes and will help me to learn to activate my middle and rear delts better on all of my movements.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Bench, Squat Bottom End, Chest & Triceps
Great session with nice rep work on bench press and squats with the EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar. The yoke bar weighs a hefty 65 pounds, and really forces you to keep an upright position with a tight core and upper back, which are big weaknesses of mine on the squat, and 605 is the most I’ve ever done for a single, so I was happy to get a solid triple at that weight today.

Bench Press

Squat with Yoke Bar

Close grip bench press
Partial dumbbell press, with ‘bells held together for the entire rep
Hammer Strength machine dip
Pulley pushdown
Overhead dumbbell extension

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Got in some massage therapy after this session for my lats, forearms, traps, and rotator cuff, to help prepare for tomorrow’s shoulder training. Big thanks to Tammy Hudson of Kinetix Body Science for helping make sure I’m staying in the game!

Friday: Shoulders & Calves
Just straight bodybuilding today. I’ve had trouble activating my delts, but my nighttime band work is clearly making a big difference. Once I’m more comfortable posing, that activation should improve even more.

Machine lateral raise
Seated dumbbell press
Dumbbell lateral raise
Rear delt flye on pec deck
Reverse cable crossover
Standing calf raise
45 degree calf raise

Saturday: Deadlift, Back & Hamstrings
Planned to take 300 kilos for 10 on sumo pulls today, but I used some cheap collars and they popped off after rep seven. Threw on some Croc Locks for an easy backdown set of 635x8 conventional to at least get some volume in.

660x7 (sumo)
635x8 (conventional)

Lying hamstring curl
Seated hamstring curl
Pulley pull-through
Lat pulldown
Seated cable row

That's all for this week.  Stay tuned for a Q&A entry next week covering the evolution of my training, making a living in powerlifting, and more.  Make sure to ask any questions you want answered in the comments, too!

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