OK, I am going to give you my Top 5 Assistance/Accessory Exercises for the Bench Press in this installment.

First, I am going to give you some updates on a few of our lifters.

Lodrina Cherne of TeamTPS is training for the IPF Classic World Championship. She will be representing Team USA. ‘Murica.

Lodrina Cherne, Top 5 Assistance/Accessory Exercises for the Bench Press

Old picture.

Lo is an outstanding lifter and has a MONSTER deadlift.

There are already over 800 confirmed lifters at this event, it’s gonna be huge. I am sure Lodrina will kill it.

Carlos Moran of TeamTPS is training for the Boss of Bosses 2 meet in California.

Carlos Moran, Top 5 Assistance/Accessory Exercises for the Bench Press

Carlos is simply a machine. That’s about all I have to say about that.

You can be sure I will let you all know how they did.

Top 5 Assistance/Accessory Exercises for the Bench Press

On to the meat and spuds of the post.

I am dealing, as I said in the last article with primarily RAW lifters these days and I would list different exercises for geared lifters. I can also tell you that my opinions may change on this subject.

As a matter of fact, narrowing it down to only 5 is really tough, so I am sure once I post this I’ll smack myself in my fat bald head and think I should have listed different ones.
Here are my Top 5 Assistance/Accessory Exercises for the Bench Press in no particular order:

1. Pushups:

Yes, pushups. This is one of the best exercises you can do. A pushup utilizes just about all of your muscles and if you do them well, you smash your abs. I do not say core. Those who know me know my politically incorrect opinion on the term and since Dave will yell at me if I list it, let’s just say I hate when people say core.

Pushups can be made incredibly difficult by adding chains across your back, elevating your hands or feet on a bench or box, using Blast Straps or a TRX and also by adding in reactive pushups.
They are an easy way to accrue a ton of volume which build strength and size without straining your CNS.

2. Flyes:

Nope, flys are not stupid.

You use your pecs in a RAW bench right?

Shouldn’t you get some pec swole going on to get bigger and stronger?

I like using bands and chains for these.

Band Flyes are great for a pump and Chain Flyes allow you to really overload the top without jacking up your shoulders.

Josh Bryant recently reminded me of these after I stopped doing them years ago.

3. Floor Presses:

Love ’em.

They build starting strength and smash the triceps.

They also don’t kill your shoulders.

You can use these as a main lift or as an assistance lift after you bench.

Dumbells, barbells and the Swiss Bar all rule equally.

4. Close Grip Incline Benches:

I LOVE these.

They smash your pecs and triceps, two of the biggies in a bench press.

I really LOVE these when using the Shoulder Saver Bar or Pad.

5. Rows:




Yes, rows.

Your lats play a huge role in the bench and if you can add in inch to your back you just took an inch off your stroke.

That translates into less distance to press, which translates into more weigh moved.

Getting a huge and strong back will build your bench.

My Training:

So I have been squatting.

There, I said it.

That’s all I’m going to say for now.

Except it seems to be going ok, except for the miniscule amount of weight I am using.

More Top 5’s next time.

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