I promise this is the last article I am going to write on my Top 5 Best.

Or is it?

No promises.

Let’s start off with some updates on the new TPS location. First off, it’s about a 5 minute drive from the where we are now and it is literally a block from Malden Station. For those of you who don’t live around here it doesn’t matter. For those that do, this means it is really easy to access public transportation. It’s got plenty of parking and is right next to Dom’s Sausage in case you need to refuel post training. Dom’s may have the best steak tips and sausages on the entire planet. I highly suggest you go there for some food post training as soon as we open.

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On the inside, we are at work now. The Wolf has begun demolition and will start the build out within a week. If you know me, all of my friends have a nickname, but I think this is the best one I have ever given out.

I am usually the guy everyone calls when they need something or if they are in a jam. I’ve got a guy for just about anything. My friend Mike is who I call when I am in a jam.

He is like Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction.

The Wolf is one of the guys who is rock solid and you know you can depend on. We need more people like this. He is handling the new TPS and you’ll all be psyched that I chose him. He’ll have it done on time and on budget.

Inside we will have the gym set up in four sections.

There will be a:

  • Private Training section
  • Front Desk/Reception/Warmup area with locker rooms and a yoga/pilates room
  • Main Gym section stocked with all the best gear from EliteFTS
  • Strongman section with a huge turf area

We also plan on adding a concrete pad outside later on with a Muscle Beach style outdoor lifting area tentatively called Murph Beach. This is very appropriate because I like concrete way more than sand.

The new TPS will be our best location because it is a blank canvas that we don’t have to adapt to like all of our other ones. We are setting it up the way we want it. The team decided that having it sectioned is better than one giant open space for a few reasons. One, it’s different and so are we. Two, it’s safer.

Having the Strongman in a section with a concrete wall is better in case a Farmer’s Walk handle or a tire goes rolling. It would be bad if it rolled into someone squatting or benching.

We’ll also have a GIANT section of deadlift platforms and a second section for weightlifting platforms. We should be able to have at least eight people pulling at the same time.

It is going to look good too. I already brought our graphic designer down to get a feel for the layout and he is planning the paint scheme, wall graphics and more now.

I don’t get excited about much, but I am started to get excited about this.

We don’t have a firm date on the move yet as this will be depending on when we get an occupancy permit. Once we do, the move will happen FAST.

Stand by for more details. I’ll announce as we get them.

Top 5 Exercises That Carry Over to Everything

I am now going to lay down my Top 5 Exercises That Carry Over to Everything.

These are exercises that build strength that carries over to just about anything you are doing and can be worked into any training program regardless of goals. They help powerlifters, strongmen, Crossfitters, people who are interested in getting more fit and jacked and athletes of all types.

This is a list of stuff you should be doing no matter what your goal. I am intentionally omitting the obvious ones like Squats and Deadlifts.

In no particular order, here they are.

1. Farmer’s Walks:


TPS Strongman 2014_ERF2064, Top 5 Exercises That Carry Over to Everything, Total Performance Sports

The Farmer’s Walk is an exercise that improves just about everything depending on how you load/train it. They build strength in the:

Upper Back
Mental Toughness
They can also be used to improve GPP/Cardio/Conditioning depending on how you program them.

Add them in.

2. Atlas Stones:

Atlas Stones, Top 5 Exercises That Carry Over to Everything, Total Performance Sports

TPS Jesus-Lou Peppe

These are in the same class as the Farmer’s. They are very versatile and should be used by most.

One thing the Stones do that Farmers don’t is they can also improve explosive power. They are not as good as Cleans and Snatches but they do help.

They require a triple extension of the ankle/knee/hip violently fast and work well.

3. Pullups:

Pullups improve lat/back strength which carries over to lots of other exercises such as the Bench and the Press. They improve grip strength too. I’ve mentioned grip a few times. I think grip strength is overlooked and underrated by many.

Most sports require a great deal of grip strength, think about that. Any sport that requires a stick, bat or racket needs grip strength; all combat sports require grip strength including football. Where does a strong grip not help you?

They are also pretty important in case of a Zombie apocalypse. You never know when you might have to pull yourself up to avoid being lunch.

4. Prowler Pushing:


The Prowler is probably the greatest innovation in the Strength and Conditioning field I have seen since the adjustable barbell.

Prowler pushing improves everything depending on what you do with it. Programming the Prowler is limitless. It can be used for:

General Strength
Single Leg Strength
Limit Strength
Anaerobic/Alactic training
Get a Prowler and do a whole bunch of different stuff with it. Sprint, load it really heavy and do short pushes, load it light and go for time, stride with it and more. It’s really one of the best tools ever.

I remember when I got my first one.


Wendler called me and said “I just billed your credit card for a Prowler”. I said “What the ***k is a Prowler?”.

He replied “You want one” and hung up.

He was right.

5. Ab Wheel


Narrowing the list down to 5 was tough. I knew I need a torso exercise and there are so many good ones, but the Ab Wheel is probably my personal favorite. Sure I do a bunch of different exercises like weighted situps, Dragon Flags, Hanging Leg Raises, Planks, a huge variety on the TRX, but the Ab Wheel is a go to.

It is as the yuppies say, scaleable or as we coaches say, versatile. That means it is easy to regress or progress and anyone can use it.

When done right it is a killer. Where is there a time when your abs and torso are too strong?

There you have my Top 5 Exercises That Carry Over to Everything. I am sure you may not agree with it and that is cool. I am also sure I’ll change my mind over time.

That’s all for this week.

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