WATCH: The Ultimate Ab Movement for Strength

This is a movement my friend Dominic Morais showed me to teach me to brace. I credit it with adding a full 100 pounds to my squat in just 3 months. Now, keep in mind that I already had the strength to squat that much, but I was unable to demonstrate that strength due to my inability to brace. It's not completely magic!

That said, if you have similar struggles, I think you'll find this one very beneficial.

How to perform it:

  1. Set up in the quadruped position with your feet against a wall.
  2. Squeeze your abs as best as you can, and take a deep breath low in your belly and push out against that ab wall.
  3. Have someone put a medicine or yoga ball behind your butt, and shift your weight backwards slightly to keep the ball in place against the wall.
  4. Hold that position for max time.

If this helps, or if you have other bracing advice, please share in the comments below!

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