So the week has gotten away from me and the log didn't get done.

Let me start off the log this week with an apology.  As you read through my logs, you may find a few typos.  Yes I proof them, but I make the same mistakes all the time, especially with "from" and "form".

I'm not dyslexic, I'm going blind. This getting older is not for everyone.

I used to be able to empty a full mag and shoot a 1" group from leather at 20 yards in about 4 seconds, and now I can't see the target. Forget about the tiny letters on my screen.

With that said, bear with me if you see any mistakes.


I am going to be brief this week, but next week I'll go into Volume and Intensity wave explanations.

Let's talk about training:

My ladies in the Powerlifting group are setting openers this week and they are all crushing  weights.

Last night all of our girls smashed prior PR's on the bench for triples.

Anna, our webmistress and lifter CRUSHED 135 for a triple on the bench with a prior meet PR of 120.

Laurie, our Diva squatted 225 for a triple like it wasn't on her back.

Liz hit a huge deadlift for a triple, I think it was 275, not sure.

Next week, my girls will be setting second attempts and then it's smooth sailing until the meet comes around.

I'll get some more details and fill you in on all of them as we go along. I don't have any pictures from last night, but here is one from last week. Hopefully, Anna gives me pictures in time for next weeks log.

Pricilla sumo

Priscilla coming back from a back injury AND getting ready for her first meet. She's sassy.


Why are they smashing weights?

#obvi it's the superior programming we give them.

It is more than that. We have created a team atmosphere and no bullshit is tolerated. The ladies are all motivated to lift and they are all motivated to get better each session.

They all function as a unit, spotting, loading and supporting each other.

This is one of the things that breeds success.

Surrounding your self with motivated people who have the same goals and work ethic.  It may be one of the most important things.

Training with a crew of hard chargers forces you to be better. It makes you better and if it doesn't, the crew cuts you loose. So far, all we have seen is better and I like that.

If you are making the progress you want to great, if you are not, find a crew of lifters with the same goals and join. You'll get better.

I am also prepping Jane Stabile "The World's Strongest Granny" for her upcoming meet.  Jane is a multi- ply lifter and she is swaddled lovingly in the best gear available, METAL.

On Monday she worked triples at an RPE 8 in the squat and got a few good sets at 275.

We are getting her Jack shirt dialed in and she had a pretty good day Wednesday.

She hit 190 to a 1 board for triples at an RPE 9, and she smashed 200 on her touch. This is at 154 pounds and 62 years old.

Deadlifts are tomorrow. Let's see what happens.

I am estimating Jane hits a squat around 415, benches 215 and pulls about 415 but it is too soon in the cycle to know. If all goes as planned we will see her at these numbers or even higher.

She will lift at 148 with some nutritional trickery. Trickery is required with Jane because she is always looking to lift more weight in a lower class and her body is VERY happy at about 157-158 so getting the last 10 off of her is always tough.

Let's hope we don't have to cut too much when he meet comes.

My training:

It was  more of the same this week.

Good Mornings for 5's with the elitefts Yoke Bar.

Whoever thought of doing 5's is a jerk. This gassed me!

I did something I almost never do, leg presses but I did because my hip is  so jacked up I can't do much for lower body so what the hell.

I did a ton of reps and kept it light. There were lots of glute ham raises too.

Bench day is coming along. I am sticking to the plan of working with no additional hip pain and the feet out front and surprisingly my butt is staying on he bench.

I am well known for not being able to keep my ass down and years ago, Vincent Dizenzo helped me fix this by getting me tucked way back.

Sadly, I just can't tolerate this anymore so I will be slowly adding weight and making sure the hip isn't getting worse and that my butt stays firmly planted on the bench.

Deadlifts were awful this week.


No belt.

I'm going to be pulling for a few weeks without a belt in hopes of building some strength. It seems to be working and I'll let you know how it is going.

I am also stripping down my program a little more over the next few weeks to find out what I can do.

By taking out a lot of accessory work and only doing a few exercises I will know what works and what hurts.

This is lost on a lot of people. It's kind of like when kids add in a bunch of supplements and think they all do something.

When you add several things in at the same time you never know what worked.

It's the same with training.  If you are doing a wide variety of lifts and stuff is killing you, you don't know what is causing it.

With this in mind I'll be doing Good Mornings on Squat day since I can't squat right now and I'll be adding in Prowler Pushes to see if that works. Not sprints, just some moderate weight pushes for a few sets of 100 feet.

Upper body days is fine so I can pretty much do whatever I like.

I've been dong lots of pulls after I deadlift and I think the Snatch grips and the block pulls were just too much. I am now going to pull and Farmer Walk.

That's it.

We'll see how it goes.

That's all for this week.

Gotta go watch the Bruins destroy Calgary!
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