Complete Chain Pack

Complete Chain Pack

Once you go down this road, you’ll never return to normalcy. 

  • Darkside
  • Accommodating resistance
  • Get more out of your barbell!

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Complete Chain Pack

Consider the Complete Chain Pack as a starter pack to get a chain per side on the barbell. As you acclimate to this form of accommodating resistance, you’ll need to add more chain so you continue to gain something from this method. 

Aside from barbell work, use the chain as another form of resistance as a standalone or adding them to accessory attachments:

  • Lying grenade triceps extensions (chains attached to grenades)
  • Dips (chains around neck or attached to dip belt)
  • Good mornings (drape chains around neck)
  • Curls (hold onto chain)
  • Sled drags (easy way to add poundage)
  • And more!


The Complete Chain Pack equips you with:

  • (2) lead chains
  • (2) carabiners
  • (2) 5/8” chain


  • Galvanized steel
  • Total weight: 50 pounds

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