This is a 12-week program that is intended for women who have just finished training for a big contest and are starting some off-season training. This program will keep your gains coming at a steady pace to improve your base level strength while focusing on the things that will help improve your strongwoman training when you start to peak out for your next contest.

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After Week 12, take a week to test out how much you added to your maxes.

Mike Mastell earned both his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and master’s degree in molecular biochemistry from Sacred Heart University. He is a lightweight professional strongman and became the youngest overall national champion in 2011 at age 21. He holds various overhead press records, including the national log press record. He has competed in a number of world championships and traveled abroad for competition. Mike has worked with several national and international level strength athletes on strength programming and nutrition. He has coached several athletes on to winning national titles and professional status. Mike is currently the head strength and conditioning coach at Punch Gym in Norwalk, Connecticut.