Barbell Bullshit

What's the purpose?

Maybe it's because I found out the hard way that you must vent information through a screen door in order to attain measurable improvements every training session in the real world. Maybe it's because I have been doing research lately on American training strategies and I got a swift kick of deja vu. Whatever the reason, what I do know with intense certainty is that public training practice is contaminated. It is salted with hidden objectives, self-proclaimed gurus, conformity, and lack of evolution. It is common training practice that has tarnished sporting preparation and has killed true attainment of athletic performance, not to mention that it gives into trends without examination but, rather, the sole objective of being different or "cutting edge." This illogical nonsense has kept the common training community at a stand-still for half-century now.
For some, it is like buying into whatever your business professor is selling you in terms of information without recognizing that he, himself, has never created and ran a successful business. It is common sense that screams at you to realize that the celebrities on television, surgically enhanced, haven't the slightest idea of how to stay beautiful. The same is true in sports and institutions – it spreads its virus widely among the American population. It is your professor or coach that will tell you what definitely doesn't work and what will work even though they are not, and probably have never been, successful at reaching your goals. And if they do train for your goals, then what does that tell you about their applicable wisdom?
Why is it that a country with 3.5 times the population of mine, can't keep up with us in major competitions, such as the World Cup or the Olympic Games? Why is it that these same individuals that are so content with their current training practice must search outside of the United States boundaries to find better talent, not only in 'America's past time' but in a growing venue of sports? Basically, why is there such ignorance?
I will try to make the most out of my six years of scholastic study on the English language and run down, briefly, a topic of controversy, debate, ignorance, or poor practice that I have found important to expose. These may be popular trends or not, but if it is discussed in barbell bullshit than you can be sure it is repugnant. If you find the attacks personal than all I can say is re-evaluate your training methodology and practice. I'm not going to tell you that I hope this doesn't stir up controversy while sending some off on a scientific plight to rebuttle, that it is not intended to make others turn their heads in ignorance and confusion, or that it is not meant to drive aspiration into the minds of those searching for the truth. In fact, this is my intention. I won't sugar coat that fact, obviously, as I just cut out the guess work and gave it to you in an easy to digest dose of reality.
This article is going to continue investigation of common trends and practice. If you don't find your training practice to be scrutinized in the first few installments than keep your eyes peeled, they are not addressed in order of importance. This new trend will keep in circulation until our sporting results show an abolishment of yesterday's phenomenon. A man jumped beyond the fifty foot sand pit in the Ancient Olympics and landed with such force that he broke both of his legs. Look at our current standard of the long jump and then tell me we haven't regressed or hit a plateau. In the past 80 years the men's 100 meter sprint times have only decreased 1.2 seconds. That is in 80 years my friends. In the last 20 years it has only decreased 0.40 seconds. The worst thing that can come of all this is actually the worst thing that can happen to me personally. Deutschland will not only lose its' international prestige in competition but will drop out of the top 10 medal count measured on population density. This is stating that the United States would have taken home 126 medals at Salt Lake City, not 34, and I am the first one to promote this accomplishment.
Lastly, don't feel that I am leaving you out to dry. It's not my narcissism that makes me feel that my training practice is the only way to go. I can tell you that currently it is, but I hate it. The intention is to open up your minds, your passion and creativity, your innovative reasoning, and substantial wisdom. The goal is for my methods to be left as a mere remembrance of the past.

Here's to EVOLUTION!!!