I’m too lazy to post so I’m reporting this from a question I answered earlier in Iron Brothers. The law of attraction…uh hum…I was asked what I feel about the law of attraction.

First off, if you’re going to bother with this, at least listen or read the Wayne Dyer stuff. I feel the “other” stuff is a jacked up crock of shit. I do have a perspective on this. Please note “perspectives” are always rooted in someone’s own experience, beliefs, and biases. So you aren’t getting words of wisdom but what I think to be true in my own little twisted world.

If you’ve read my articles or book or have ever met me, you’ll know that I’m huge on integrity and values. This is why you see them on our “About Us” page at the bottom of the home page.  Those values were first listed as my own personal values and then defined and expanded on by the staff at EliteFTS. Every system we have and every decision that we make is done with those principles in mind. There have been times that we’ve slipped, but we ALWAYS return back to our base and learn from it. I’ve made business decisions solely based on those that very few supported, but I knew it was the right thing to do because it was in line with our values.

So what does this mean?

Here’s how I see the law of attraction. There’s NO attraction. Opportunities are always around us. They are everywhere. Most never see them because they’re too caught up in their own head and their own life to see what’s really going on.

If you live a life that isn’t in line with your values, it will bring stress, tons of gossip, sleepless nights, aggression, and a billion other things that will keep you blind to opportunities. What do I mean?

Simple…what is bothering you right now? What really pisses you off? Why? Seriously, why?

Is it because someone or something is messing up something that you FEEL should be different?  Why do you FEEL that way? Is it in violation of a value you may have? I will bet 100 percent of the time it is.

Life is life so you can never get rid of all the BS. It will always be there, but I feel you have a much better chance if you know what your actual values are and you try to define them. (This is kind of a spin off the seven habits of highly effective people.) If you do this, you can avoid certain situations in the first place and you’ll be able to solve others much faster.

Most “decision” stress isn’t from the decision that has to be made but in the time that it takes doing it. If this can be shortened, there’s less stress. So how can you determine your values?

Because this is getting pretty long and I’m sure most people stopped reading long ago, I’ll keep this short and simple. But there are may other steps to this...

For now, look to your past and picture ten people whom you admired the most. Take a few minutes with each one and think about what they did, what they said, and how they acted. Then, write down the number one reason why you admired them.

There you go! There is one value that you have. Now do this with more people. If you want me to get really “whey,” as our genetic friend Jim Wendler would say, I will...

As you do this, there will be one person who did something that will choke you up, maybe bring a tear to your eye, or have you crying like a baby. This would be the story if you had to tell may cause a pause or break in your voice at some point.

This, my friend, is one value that is at the very top of your list. If anyone violates this one, you will be PISSED off to no end. This one can motivate you like nothing else, but at the same time, it can be used against you to wreck your world. Know this one!

If you don’t believe a damn thing that I just wrote, know this one. Businesses are destroyed because one person discovered this and used it against another. This is one case where your greatest strength can be your weakness. Have you ever heard of using one’s own strength against them? This is how the greatest victories in life happen and also the worst losses.

So, if you’re too stressed, you’ll never see what is around you. Most stress is because something is in violation of your values.

It didn’t take Scooby and Shaggy to figure this out...