WATCH: Table Talk — Dave Tate and Joe Sullivan on Working Full-Time and Coaching

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For those of you tired of working at a dead-end job you hate and are considering coaching, you may want to consider the answers to this question:

"Can you be a coach and still have a regular job?"

Dave Tate doesn’t see any reason why you can’t. Of the people he’s seen — note this is a huge generalization, which he tries to avoid — the coaches who love the sport the most and are the best coaches, usually have a full-time job related to the sport.

It’s an observation he’s seen, and it’s one that requires context.

Joe Sullivan, who works full-time and coaches, suggests that you talk to his clients.

"If they tell you I’m a shitty coach, you have your answer. But if they’re telling you I’m doing a good job, that’s it right there."

He uses school football coaches as an example of passionate coaches that also have regular jobs. They probably only make $1,000 to $2,000 per season and are in it because their kids are involved, so they have to care. That speaks to caring about what you’re doing. If you love it, you will find the time. It comes down to prioritizing.

That analogy impresses Dave, who admits he only thought of doing online coaching, but he’s impressed with those who coach and work elsewhere. And he shares his thoughts for those who can’t make time for both:

"If you can’t do both, then you just suck."

If you love it, you’ll do it. That’s that.


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