Answering more questions from Project Biceps, 101, the king of the House of Biceps Clint Darden takes on a controversial topic: performance enhancing substances and injuries.

You've probably heard that anabolic steroids cause greater risk of injury and contribute to the massive amount of rehabilitation needed in strength sports, and even in the NFL. Is this accurate?

A correlation may exist, but that does not imply a causation. In fact, according to Clint, the real correlation that matters is the willingness of top-level athletes to go to extreme measures to improve their performance  — often to a harmful degree.

How does that carry in to injuries? Listen to Clint, and he'll tell you.

Do Steroids Cause Injuries from Clint Darden on Vimeo.

It should be clear that elitefts does not encourage or condone the use of performance enhancing substances. Clint, who resides in a country that allows legal usage of certain substances that are prohibited in America, chooses to discuss a variety of topics in the strength community — included those that have extreme legal and health consequences.