Editor’s Letter for March

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Welcome to elitefts — your destination for everything strength.

We’re surrounded by newness this March! As I eluded to in last month’s newsletter, our athletes on the site have found new homes to share their content. Many of them now have monthly columns, whereas others will be sharing their every training move on Instagram. Follow Ryan Belcher, Andrew Herbert, Meana Albersworth, Yessica Martinez, Anne Sheehan, Bryan Doberdruk, Joey Smith, Jo Jordan, and Andy Deck on Instagram! New columnists include: Andy Deck (he has a dual role), Dan Dalenberg, Christian Anto, Joe Sullivan, Lily Starobin, and Brandon Smitley. Don’t worry — everyone else on the team has stayed put.

March kickstarts our monthly intent to streamline content. We begin with the content pillar of new physique goals and conditioning. With this pillar, we have writers delving into thyroid health, whereas other authors are covering energy systems. Beyond articles, you’ll see our sales and social media complement the theme as well. I’m excited to see how these topics open the dialogue of our columnists!

Before I preview some of the content we have in store for you this month and list February's most popular coaching blogs and articles, good luck to our coaches, athletes, and all of you traveling to and competing at the annual Arnold Sports Festival. Come on by elitefts and say hello!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


March Content Preview

Week 1

Brian Carroll travels to elitefts to join Dave for another live episode of Table Talk. Chris Tutela gives you conditioning 101, tackling this topic by exploring energy systems so that you know exactly what type of conditioning you should do based on your goals.

Follow our socials as Mark Bell joins Dave for another Table Talk Podcast and Train Your Ass Off ensues here in London, Ohio over the weekend!

Week 2

Alycia Israel and I tackle the topic of thyroid health and malfunction. Alycia gives you the science behind the hormones at play with a how-to for reading lab work, as I give you steps to regain your health and life beyond malfunction. Jason Brown shares 11 types of loaded carries for CrossFit athletes using everything from a yoke to kettlebells and medballs. Read Marilia Coutinho's article to discover your best diet options. Is non-human milk really a great food for everyone?

Week 3  

Expect new columns from Andy Deck, Joe Sullivan, Christian Anto, and Brandon Smitley. Our strength and conditioning editorial intern interviews Dave on the research and development of the Glute Ham Raise — equipment at elitefts that aces the test of time.

Week 4

Thank you to Travis Roberson, Sam Miller, Pete Arroyo, Nicholas Witczak, Max Barnhart, and Detric Smith for your outside submissions! These authors discuss athlete longevity; the tier system for swimmers; exercises, including the floor press and the RDL; and more!

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Check out February’s top five coaching blogs and articles from your favorite coaches and columnists:


  1. Tricep Finisher for a Stronger Lockout – Casey Williams
  2. 20 Week SSB Cycle – Casey Williams
  3. Add BIG to Your Sumo DL With This Cue – Ben Pollack
  4. The Reverse Hyper: 700 Reps To Greatness – Clint Darden
  5. ASK ME ANYTHING - February, 2020 – Dave Tate


  1. Top-10 Assistance Exercises to Get Stronger and Remain Injury-Free – Matt Mills
  2. How to Write Your Own Program – JM Blakely
  3. Glute Training for Meatheads – Jason Brown
  4. Do You Want to Increase Your Overhead Strength? – Stefan Waltersson
  5. 4-Week, 3-Day Hypertrophy and Strength Block – Alycia Israel

New Items


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