Congratulations to everyone who competed this weekend at the Arnold Classic! With record breaking totals, it was a great meet for all members of Team EliteFTS™!

At 132 pounds, Brandon Smitley has an ass-kicking 315lb bench. With that - Saturday he obtained a 10x body weight total! Leading up to the meet, he performed some light blood-flow and accessory work for his back for an even bigger push.

The EliteFTS™ Tsunami Bar Lat Pull-Down really lets you bend the bar in order to get maximal contraction in the lats and middle back. Also, you aren't able to load a ton of weight on the machine allowing you to really isolate your back without using too much momentum.

Next, Brandon performs Blast Strap Rows. He is able to internally rotate his arms to engage the lats and middle back and reverse the action of the bench press. Also, this is great for light blood flow work because its all body weight so you are able to control your pull.

Face Pulls with the Spud Strap are great for targeting the upper back and rear delts. Attach the strap to the cable and stabilize yourself and pull your elbows back toward your eyebrows.

Beginning: Tsunami Bar Lat-Pulldown

2:10: Bast Strap Row

2:31 Spud Strap Face-Pull

The EliteFTS™ Tsunami Bar, Bast Strap, and Spud Strap are all great tools for accessory work. Also, Brandon uses EliteFTS™ Lifting Straps during the Lat-Pull Down because this isn't a grip exercise, but instead he is getting the most work for his back.

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