When training starts to take a toll on your performance your left with a few options. Take some time off, increase food intake, or some type of combination of the two. Mark Dugdale brings us a complex you can use on back day to help open up your lats as well as stimulate some recovery.


"It’s primarily a recovery and injury prevention tool.  A lot of time under tension with the pullovers with lighter weight to really work the stretch.  Explosive kettlebell swings for CNS recovery…short bouts of explosive work can aid CNS recovery.  Hangs or stretches help recovery as well"

This complex is a great way to end your back session or to use throughout the training week. Just be sure to keep in mind, the emphasis is to stimulate recovery so take a slightly different approach when performing it.

Notice how mark does his pullovers. The weight is light and he is keeping constant tension on the lats while spending a nice amount of time in the stretch portion.The kettle bell swings are done explosively for a short period of time. Finally the lat hang ends the complex with another stretch to help open up the back.

Straps, wraps, and sleeves are all tools that can help keep you safe and facilitate recovery as well. Look through the accessories section of our store to help keep you in tact.