Biangular Row

Category: Supplemental

Muscles Targeted: Back

What am I going to say about this? It is a machine row. Very hard to mess up and if you can't figure it out then read the dummy card on the machine that tells you how to do it.

What I like about this machine happens to also be one of the reasons we decided to sell Magnum. The biangular movement, meaning the arms move in and out as well as forward and backward. This allows for a more complete range of motion.

There are a few tips that will help you get the best out of this movement. By changing the seat you can change the focus of the movement from lower lats to upper back and traps. You will also get a better feel if you keep your lower back arched with your chest up high. At the mid point of each rep stretch the lats, then begin the pull with a slight shrug.

Sets and Reps: I have been told and have found for myself that most machine training works best with higher rep ranges (8-12). The sets are also very variable but my personal preference on this unit is 4-5 sets.