It's amazing to see what exercises people can invent here at the EliteFTS™ S4 Compound and when John Meadows is the one inventing...absolute brutality is the end result. The Rackable Cambered Squat Bar Bench Press is no exception.

Upon watching those videos, if you're anything like me you were probably thinking:

1. I want to do that!

2. Wait.  What?

Let's break it down:

  • The camber allows for the weight to swing, turning the grip location into a rotational axis. This provides some slight instability in the movement which forces a slow, controlled execution of the lift.  A slow, controlled movement translates to a harder, focused contraction of your pecs and this is facilitated even more through the concept of muscle irradiation.
  • The design of the bar keeps your elbows tucked and encourages a correct elbow path, preventing them from flaring out.
  • The use of an EliteFTS™ Shoulder Saver Pad turns the standard range of motion into a two-board press and with the use of Mountain Dog techniques extends the time under tension for the movement while helping preserve the health of your shoulders.

This technique can be used for chest hypertrophy training, rehabbing chest and shoulder injuries as well as increasing stabilization capacity and facilitating healthy joint function.

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