This movement is an awesome full body lift!

Your posterior chain and upper back get the grunt of the work and when performed for moderate to high reps your conditioning is taxed heavily as well.

You can perform these in an upright fashion trying to simulate the traditional BB high pull, or, as shown below, you can allow the bells to travel through AND behind the legs which causes a heavy forward lean.

This angle hits the hams and low back intensely which is the way I prefer to perform this movement.

Heavy bells work best here unless you're working on conditioning.

It's critical to SNAP through on your hips when pulling the weight upward.

This is full body, NOT just an upper body movement so force the hips to explode through which helps you move the bells, especially the heavy bells.

Another plus is that there truly is no resisting the bells on the way down.

You muct learn to allow them to fall on their own and then use reversal strength to accelerate the bells back up.