The face pull is a great movement for bringing up the upper back and traps.

The upper back is very important in keeping great squat and deadlift form as well as stability and tightness in the bench press. These muscles also play a big role in keeping the shoulders healthy and balanced.

To perform the exercise attach a triceps rope or push down strap to the high attachment on a lat machine. Step away and place on foot on the seat for support. Arch your back and pull the rope toward your face with your elbows out. As you pull the rope back squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Try pulling to different locations to see what you like best. Keep in mind you are trying to target the upper back and rear delts not the lats.

This movement works best with higher reps (8-12) for multiple sets (4-5) but feel free to mix it up and see what works best for you.

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