This movements blows my back away every time I do it. It is something about the wide grip and hand position that fires my lats up. The fat bar takes this one step further with the added grip training. Using Fat Bars for pull downs also works the lats differently than other bars. I am unsure why but think it may be due the the wide bar grip or the lower weight you have to use. Either way this is one movement that works very well for me. It only takes one two sets and I am ready to move on to the next movement.

I have also noticed that higher reps (8-12) of lat pulley movements seem to work best for myself. I have found this to also be true with every one I have even spoke with.

Fat Bar 36" Pro-Style Pull Down
This is a great fat bar that should be in very gym. Actually I feel ALL fat bars should be in every gym. One session with these things and you will understand why I say this.