These two movements have saved my shoulders too many times to count. Attaching a second strap to the dragging sled stap is how this is set up. Walk forward or backwards while performing a front raise or rear raise as you would with dumbbells. Try to work on several different angles. Start with a couple sets each using light weights (25 to 45 pounds) for 100 feet. The greatest benefit to this is there really is no eccentric phase. Many believe the eccentric phase (in the case lower the weight) is responsible for DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). If you take this phase away then you are left with a movement that cause very little muscle soreness but still brings nutrients to the site.

Dragging Sled

If your not dragging a sled than you are living in the dark ages. Dragging offers many benefits from recovery to pure strength development. This heavy Duty 35 pound sled is meant to be used on any surface and built to last. The strong steel post is built to hold multiple olympic plates and 1/4 inch steel spacers are placed to allow for easy unloading of plates. All Sleds ship with one heavy duty nylon strap cut with 8" inch loops. These loops are made to fit through your belt negating the need for a pulling harness.