The Rickshaw is a devise originally designed for strongman training for different lifts and walks. We have found it to be a great pulling devise for things like box deadlifts, shrugs and other pulls. The Rickshaw has perfect balance from front to back so you don't have to deal with the same issues as you would a trap bar. The Rickshaw also has three different grip options ranging from 2" handles to 4" inch fat bar handles.

The box dead lift as pictured is great for developing the upper back and hamstrings. Begin with you upper back rounded and start the pull by falling back onto your hamstrings. When you feel the tightness in you hamstring begin the pull by arching your lower back while keeping the upper back rounded.

This movement can be trained for extreme max effort work training up to heavy singles or triples using 7-10% warm up jumps. You can also use this as a key supplemental movement for reps in the 5-7 range for multiple sets.


A lot has been written about the Yoke (traps) and the development of it. The shrug (and it's many variations) are probably the #1 used exercise in developing massive traps. The Rickshaw is the best shrug machine that I've used. It has three handles to choose from; the fat bar handles are great for improving grip. But let's be honest here - working your grip is just a side benefit. Some people want big arms; we want big traps. Those with big arms will deny it, but they all secretly harbor wishes of a neck that is non-existant.