Pick it up and shrug it, there you go.

Now thats a exercise description. The Rickshaw is great for shrugs because you can set the height and choose from three different grip bars.

I am not a huge fan of the shrug up, then pull back and lower. Actually I am not sure where that crap started in the first place. I am sure who ever started it did not have traps in the first place and now has torn up rotators.

Just shrug up, hold for a second and lower.

Shrugs are great in any set and rep range. The most important thing is to do them



A lot has been written about the Yoke (traps) and the development of it. The shrug (and it's many variations) are probably the #1 used exercise in developing massive traps. The Rickshaw is the best shrug machine that I've used. It has three handles to choose from; the fat bar handles are great for improving grip. But let's be honest here - working your grip is just a side benefit. Some people want big arms; we want big traps. Those with big arms will deny it, but they all secretly harbor wishes of a neck that is non-existant.