This is a HARD CORE max effort movement that will blow your head off. I can't count the number I times I have seen stars from doing this movement.

This main target with this is your upper back and torso. Set the pins up just under a 1/4 squat position. Get under the Saftey Squat bar, pull as much air into you belly as you can, flex, stay tight and arch the bar up. The best stance to take is a close stance so you can keep all the tension on the back and off the hips.

Start with the bar and work up with chains and bands until you reach a 1 or 3 rep max. You need to go as heavy as you can. This is what max effort work is all about.

Safety Squat Bar

This bar has been around for many years and has been thought of as the best thing for quad development. We have found the bar highly effective for the development of the upper and lower back when used with box squatting and good mornings. This bar is so effective, it should be in every weight room.

This bar is great for

Box Squats
Suspended Squats
Good Mornings
Suspended Good Mornings
Zercher Squats
Walking Lunges
Walking Zerchers
Walking Good Mornings
Arch Back Good Mornings
Squatting off Pins
plus much more

If you do not have a saftey squat bar than you really are missing out on one of the best training devises off all time. Training with this bar does wonders for upperback, lower back and leg development. This bar is also great for addressing many weak point associate with the squat (example, falling forward out of the hole). Do your program a favor and pick one up today.