Sandbag front squat

This is an excellent movement for the legs AND upper body. The weight sits on your hands as if you were about to perform a military press with palms up.

Your elbows stay in tight and the front squat position forces you to stay upright or the bag will fall and / or pull you forward.

I emphasize elbows in so you can squat LOW and work your glutes and hams aggressively.

You can also turn this into a thurster which is a front squat - military press combo, an awesome movement for conditioning and GPP.

The beauty behind sandbag lifts is EVERY rep starts from the ground. So, this means you are performing a power rep on every 1st rep as you rip the bag with high speed off the ground, or, you end up wrestling the awkward bag to situate the bag into its position, which is another benefit since wrestling works so many muscles that don't get worked when you traditionally just pick a weight up off the ground.