I'm going to be honest, being an outside hitter in volleyball and a swimmer, my shoulders have been injured time after time. Add in some inconsistent rehabilitation and you get minimal strength and terrible ROM. This causes for some serious struggle while training shoulders and a little bit of a "woe is me" attitude. Everyone dreams of boulder shoulders, but the work to get them is most likely more than what you're putting in. I soon found this out after training at the EliteFTS S4 compound. My workout was taken from "shoulder day" to "I hate my life and I never want to lift my arms again" day.

My dreadful training day consisted of these exercises:

Overhead Press using the American Multi Angle Press Bar 5x5

A simple overhead press can go a long way, especially when using a different bar than what you're used to. The American Multi Angle Press Bar is what I chose for overhead press. This bar allowed me to hit shoulders, while minimizing the stress put on my joints. Feet hip width apart (or what is most comfortable), abs tight, glutes tight, push your head "through the window" at the top and make sure to move your head out of the way while bringing the bar back down.

Revised John Meadows "Delt Destroyers" 3x30

Exactly what the name implies, this absolutely destroyed my rear delts. Usually this is a triple drop set, seeing as my shoulders are on the weaker side, this variation is modified a bit. Sitting backward on a bench, relax your shoulders over the top. The key to this is to minimize the use of your traps. Keep your arms straight and swing them out just enough to engage your rear delts and swing back down. This exercise looks easy as can be, but high reps = crazy burn.

Grenade Side Laterals 3x15 SS with 1/4 ROM Pulses 3x10

Using the Cable Grenade Ball, I attached grabbed two of these attachments and put them on the end of a chain. On the same bench as the previous exercise, sit backward once again, lean slightly forward with a ball and chain attachment in each hand and raise them up like you would doing a side lateral raise. This different grip style and added tension are a great alternative to dumbbell side raises. Once completing 15 reps, SS with pulses. Using low weight, bring your arms up to the side so that they are parallel with the ground and pulse for 10 reps.

Med Ball Raises SS with Overhead Press both 3x10

As simple, but effective, as it sounds, grab a medicine ball (I used the XD Kevlar Med Ball). While standing, raise the ball in front of you to eye level for 10 reps. Next, press the ball above your head for 10 reps.

6-Ways 2x10

Another "Mountain Dog" exercise, these are a bit more complicated. I used a lighter weight especially since I was nearing the end of this death sentence.  While standing, bring the dumbbells up light a side lateral raise, bring them together in front of your face at eye level, bring them above your head, back down to eye level, back to your sides, and back down. This is one rep.

Face pulls with Spud Strap 3x10

Using a Spud Inc Short Ab Strap, this changed up the face pull from the regular ropes I would use. Using a cable machine, grab the strap with two fingers (pointer and middle) in each slot, pull back toward your face while squeezing those shoulder blades together. Hold for at least one second and release.

There you have it, the shoulder day that almost brought me to tears.

Allison is an intern at EliteFTS. She recently graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in nutrition and a minor in business. Allison hopes to work with sales and marketing for a fitness or nutrition company.