Elitefts™ Director of Education Mark Watts outlines a Single Leg RDL and Goodmorning Progression while Nick Showman, owner of Showtime Strength & Performance, demonstrates.

Some of the major benefits of performing unilateral posterior chain movements are:

  • Increased stimulus of the glutes and hamstrings
  • Decreased load on trunk flexion
  • Proprioception of the foot and ankle
  • Address unilateral strength deficiencies

General Teaching Progression of the SLRDL

  • Slight bend in knee
  • Scapula retracted and depressed
  • Initiate movement by reaching opposite leg back
  • Elevate back leg to achieve height even with hip and shoulders
  • Maintain upper back tightness with a "chest up" posture
  • Try to keep weigh toward the heel

Progressions and Regressions

  1. Reach Back
  2. Reach back with ankle
  3. Backward RDL walks
  4. Assisted RDL (2 or 1 arm)
  5. SLRDL with foot against wall (toe into ground)
  6. SLRDL with foot against wall
  7. SLRDL with weight in both hands
  8. SLRDL with weight in 1 hand

Common Mistakes

  • initiating movement by bending forward
  • locking bottom knee
  • rotating top foot outward (external rotation of hip)

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