If JM Blakley had anything to say about it, we wouldn’t list his accomplishments, but we’re going to anyway. JM is known for being the namesake of the JM Press, breaking numerous world records, holding multiple degrees including an MA in Strength and Athletic Conditioning and PhD’s in Exercise Physiology and Metaphysical Sciences, and more. JM credits a mastery of the basics as the ultimate driving force behind human achievement, and his coaching philosophy is based on the idea that the basics can be used by anyone to achieve greatness.

Tap into JM’s mind and find out how to make the basics work for you. Dave Tate and JM talked for over three hours discussing numerous topics inside and outside of the gym, including methods of meditation, the JM Press, training, nutrition and more significant questions such as, Who are you?


elitefts Table Talk Podcast #13 iTunes Basic Transcript - click Here



JM Blakley's IG @j.m.blakley

JM Blakley's IG @j.m.blakley