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Dave Tate walks us through a live airing of one of his strength and conditioning informative meetings with our strength and conditioning intern Mason Nowak. Today's topic will be a crash course in block periodization. Strengths, weaknesses, book recommendations, and how to make it work for you or those you coach!

After that, he will answer previous questions and live ones that come in through the chat. Be sure to tune in live and ask any questions you have!


1:13:29 Tips for staying tight as a sink and heave bencher for sets of more than 2-3 reps?

1:16:27 What are some exercises to strengthen the midback to prevent back rounding in a PR?

1:19:36 For someone who trains conjugate but doesn’t plan on competing at the time, how would you go about testing maxes as well as how would you plan the weeks before testing max lifts?

1:22:25 How to program seated calf raises?

1:24:40 Advice for someone in their first year of powerlifting?

1:26:51 What’s an exercise that’s really popular but does more harm than good?

1:27:41 Does the kettlebell swing have a place in powerlifting training?

1:28:02 How do you get the most out of a deadlift bar and how do you get the most squatting out of knee wraps?

1:34:33 Diet for powerlifting to lean out but keep strength?

1:38:16 When doing a block periodization type training, in the first phase of the training block do you add more weight each week? Or do you stay with the same weight for the first phase?

1:39:49 If my SSB camber is in a front squat position, will I still get the transfer from box squats and seated good mornings?

1:40:47 On my bench my right shoulder always protracts when I strain but not my left. I had a shoulder dislocation on that shoulder 10 years ago as well.

1:41:57 What do you do if you get a slight injury in your training cycle close to a meet, e.g. 1 week out?

1:45:10 My bench press is weak right off the chest, and my grip is close grip because of shoulder issues. What do you recommend to focus on this weakness?

1:46:49 Weak off the floor on sumo, what exercises should I do to bring up strength?

1:48:31 How do you get through truly max effort deadlift and have some left for accessories?

1:49:26 Mid 700s deadlift, mid 500s squat, my chiro said core is the reason for the difference, I think ab work and reverse hyper should help. How would you implement a heavy and rep day on the reverse hyper?

1:52:48 Do you believe rack pulls above the knee have an application or just an ego lift and bar destroyer?

1:54:13 Does having a straight bar path on a squat mean you have good technique? I have a straight bar path but a good morning style squat.

1:55:20 Do you change your programming while cutting or power through?


Text by Mason Nowak

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