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Bringing you episode No. 45, strength and conditioning editorial intern Mason Nowak joins Dave Tate for another week of Table Talk. Beyond their weekly lesson (check out last week's lesson to catch up), Dave will explore basic conjugate. As a reminder, Josh will turn to YouTube's live feed to ask your questions near the end.

1:03 "Can you speak more about the long game?  Stages of a lifter career and how you've seen lifters navigate the climb to their peak performance and their inevitable decline from that point."

19:36 "Can you speak to the risks and rewards associated with lifting?"

25:30 "What do you think is missing from how lifters approach their lifting in today's strength world?

36:30 "Does your max really matter for dynamic effort movements? Should you swap it for repeated effort if you are early intermediate?"

46:43 "I recently switched from conjugate to 5/3/1 due to time constraints, what are tips from switching from conjugate to 5/3/1?"

50:17 "Clarification on the older question, some coaches say that you shouldn't do dynamic effort if your squat is below 500."

57:25 "Any advice for having trouble getting tight and staying braced in a monolift?"

1:01:47 "Tips for bracing during a heavy front squat?"

1:04:06 Dave talks conjugate with the strength and conditioning intern Mason

2:09:51 "How to minimize neck pain on good mornings and how high should the bar be?"

2:10:44 "What's the difference between 45 and 90-degree angle back extensions, and how to do hyperextensions correctly, what to muscles to squeeze?"

2:12:36  "How to continue developing strength as a young athlete with no offseason?"

2:13:54 "What are your thoughts on the chair sumo deadlift to learn the sumo deadlift and what is the proper setup, chair height, and what is the right technique and what should I focus on?"

2:16:16 "Went from on toes bench to flat feet, elbows are now going lower than the pad, what would you suggest to get the elbows higher?"

2:17:36 "How effective would the dynamic effort method be for the Olympic lifts?"

2:28:30 "Should in-season athletes prioritize heavy compound exercises or accessory exercises more?"


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