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A slight break from our regular action Dave Tate will be coming in with focused material on beginners, their training, and their programming! This matches this month's theme of beginners and will fit perfectly those who consider themselves new to lifting weights, or novice powerlifters. As always he will be taking live questions and we will include timestamps to each question and its answer in this article!

00:15 Complete Beginner

23:36 New to "serious" training

30:47 Do you believe beginners should run 6-week programs that are short enough to account for beginner gains?

33:07 I'd love to just train under Dave for one weekend, how would I go about that?

34:35 1 year into training mid-twenty-year old who does conjugate train, my squat has started to lag behind, what percentage of training should be dedicated to lower intensity max effort training like good mornings?

36:39 How do you go about programming for team sport athletes that play a lot of different positions without wasting a ton of time? Specific to hockey.

40:16 During the offseason will my competition squat be negatively affected if I spend all my time doing variations or should I occasionally train my competition low bar squat?

44:31 Best ab movements for a beginner?

45:46 How does one gain more confidence in their ideas if their ideas aren't fully tested yet?

47:01 What are IT-bands and what is there purpose in the deadlift?

47:22 Is there any supplement that you think has a crazy benefit for an athlete?

47:43 Is there any benefit to cutting calories or adding cardio when it comes to metabolic adaptation?

51:48 Having trouble teaching my 15-year-old son to squat, he has trouble with the bar sliding down his back and not staying in position, any cues you have to fix?

55:32 Is it a good idea to just use programs out of the "Programs That Work" ebook on elitefts and switch back and forth from different program styles? This has been working really well for me so far.

56:59 In the raw squat should a lifter focus on having an arch or squeezing their glutes through the movement?

1:00:20 I started a new conjugate program but I have been lifting for a while, how often should I change my max effort movements and dynamic effort movement?

1:04:41 What's the difference between rest-pause and cluster sets?

1:07:01 Should you use the competition grip or a close grip when doing movements like the floor press or a board press? What is your process for selecting your grip on squat/bench/deadlift and their accessories?

1:14:04 Dave is there an updated band tension chart with the mammoth bands on it?

1:15:30 Should a "bro-lifter" with a couple of years experience go back to the basics and address weaknesses when training for strength sports?

1:15:56 Dave once said that one of his top tricep exercises was cable standing french press, can he elaborate a bit in terms of the transfer, how to do it right, etc?

1:20:03 How do you fix the good morning squat? Can't get my glutes going in the squat?

1:21:13 What's a good limit on accessory work for an athlete running conjugate?

1:23:35 Dave often says there a big difference between training a muscle and training a movement, how would you recommend training supplemental and accessory movements?

1:27:50 What are your thoughts on Olympic lifting on dynamic effort days?

1:28:32 For a beginner that does full body 3x a week should I be doing accessory on off days or for a fourth day? Or do them after my main lifts?

1:29:09 Training a teenager who has never lifted, whenever they perform a strength movement they have good technique to start, but then they go all over the place, is this just bad motor unit recruitment?

Text By Mason Nowak

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