COACH columnist

After being outed as a transwoman in 2015, Janae Kroc had left the bodybuilding and powerlifting scenes; now, she’s back on the bodybuilding circuit and working with nutritionist Justin Harris for a comeback.

Dave Tate asks Justin how transitioning and coming back to bodybuilding has affected her hormones:

“I guess the question I want to get to is how fucked up is her hormone profile? Has that been (blood) tested?”

Justin prefaces his answer that he is not an expert in this field, but being on estrogen is going to improve everything that androgens have worse; her HDL will be better, her red blood cell count will be in a normal range, her kidney function will be better, BON might be elevated as a sign of anabolism, but that’s not a direct correlation to estrogen — if anything, that’s due to the nitrogen levels in a higher protein diet.

If anything, this experience might be a reset for Janae’s body — and what better way is there to start over from what might be as close as a person can get to a blank slate?

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