Five Ways to Avoid Loafing

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By now, I imagine most of you have seen Florida Marlins baseball player Hanley Ramirez display proper jogging technique and some top-notch laziness in slowly tracking down a ball he kicked during an actual game.

If not, click on the link and be assured that his effort isn't being displayed in slow motion. As two runs score, Ramirez casually saunters after the ball, apparently coming to the conclusion that if he kicks the ball into foul territory, the play is stopped. Watch and enjoy — or be disgusted.

Hanely Ramirez displays jogging technique

After this pathetic display of athletic ability, Ramirez — who claimed to have an ankle injury — was benched by his manager for obviously mailing in the play. Ramirez responds in the most appropriate way — ripping the manager in the media, firing off expletives left and right...and generally acting like a pompous, spoiled, overpaid nitwit.

Seems logical.

This whole situation is troubling to everyone at EliteFTS. We've immediately become concerned with this lack of explosion and speed, and hate to see such baseball talent ruined by a lack of leg strength and drive.

In order to solve this horrific display of athletic ability — not to mention his total disregard of hustling after HIS error — we've come up with five ways for Hanley Ramirez to ensure he won't be hurt by his loafing and lack of running speed again.

1. Push the Prowler.

His leg strength and conditioning clearly isn't where it needs to be. Pushing this a time or two would help.

2. Pull a sled.

We've probably all pulled a sled backwards faster than he was "running" forward. He could pull this a few times and be all set.

3. Squat.

It's clear his leg development is hampering his quest to get to the ball quicker. Doing some squats — and perhaps some lunges while he's at it — would help him in his quest to hustle.

4. Buy a foam roller.

Ramirez said an injury was to blame for the lack of explosion. He can work those kinks out on this handy foam roller.

5. Add to his video library.

The video demonstrates that Ramirez doesn't know the proper mechanics of speed and acceleration. What better way to improve in those areas than purchase a DVD that can tell him all he would ever need to know?

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