When you get Joe Kenn and Jim Wendler in the same room, what do you get? Over an hour worth of video footage. So, we've split it up into multiple sections. The first couple videos explain Joe's background, life experiences, strength training philosophies and Block Zero.

The series has valuable information that any athlete, coach or strength trainer can learn from.

About Joe:

Joe Kenn has spent the last 19 years as a “strength coach” on the collegiate level working at Boise State, University of Utah, Arizona State and Louisville. Joe owns and operates Big House Power Competitive Athletic Training LLC (http://www.bighousepower.com), an educational member website for parents, coaches, and athletes. He has published the highly successful The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook and is a highly sought after speaker on the national level.

Joe Kenn Interview with Jim Wendler

“As a lifter mentality first, we have to be very cautious and aware that a large majority of the kids we will coach aren’t there to lift first – regardless of their sport. Motivation is crucial.” – Joe Kenn

Joe Kenn Interview Part 2

“You know how we used to learn jump mechanics? When you jumped off a garage roof and landed with a straight leg, you’d get a shock going off your body.” – Joe Kenn

“We expect you to change weights like a NASCAR pit crew.” – Joe Kenn

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