I arrived at the Parisi Speed School earlier than the 9:30 AM agreed meeting time. I brought OB and Ryan with me because they’re both in college and aspiring to be in the fitness industry. They were pretty excited to check out the training center and meet Martin.

I recently purchased Martin’s new book Ultimate Warrior Workouts and was excited to finally get to train with him after a few years of corresponding - I was also dreading it at the same time. Martin’s reputation for high intensity, coupled with the fact that we trained at DeFranco’s the night before, left me unsure of what was going to happen next. I was pretty busted up, but was ready for anything.

Martin greeted us like we were old friends and we talked for about an hour before the interview and before we even started training! I was pissed that we didn’t get any of it on tape…because it was all gold! We talked about the industry, training, life, family and getting respect. He’s had so many life experiences that you could tell he was very confident with his ability to objectively approach most situations. He was also confident enough to know that a good coach is always learning and he wanted to learn more. I see too many in the industry closed off and stubborn. They think that their system is the best and they don’t want to hear about any other “way.”

After the tour, we decided to get moving on the training and Martin let us know this is his “recovery day.” Well, his recovery day was pretty relentless and exhausting. It was more like a “curl up in a fetal position when it’s over” day.

After taking off our shoes, we got started.

His recovery workout consisted of some light plyos, movement skills, dynamic stretching, activation work and some conditioning. The conditioning was a Hurricane Category 1 session which included sprints, followed by some very unique bodyweight movements. He showed us some new push-up variations he learned during his three year journey writing the Ultimate Warrior Workouts. They were pretty amazing and really enforced full body strengthening and control.

All the while we were training Martin stressed efficiency of movement, “never cheat yourself” and the warrior spirit. The coaching cues were great and it is something I use with my athletes.

The interview we did turned into a four-part series because it was over 30 minutes! In part one of this interview, Martin talks about the importance of mentors early on, the influence your parent’s have on your view of fitness and climbing your personal mountains.