The quest for strength, the quest for power, in its basic essence is man’s quest to be “more than himself.” This is a basic, instinctive, seed drive that carries him forward through his own personal evolution.

The quest for strength, the quest for power, is man’s quest for an increased sense of being to feed the insatiable lust for the taste of his own blood, to drink deeply from the cup of spiced and foaming wine until it is drained to the last drop. For a man can’t say, “I am,” until the cup that he was handed on his first moment screaming from the womb has been emptied.

There are those who dare not drink. There are those who take tiny and timid sips, barely tasting. And there are those who seek to ravish and devour with an unconsummated and insatiable thirst for more…and yet more.

Those who seek with every fiber of their quivering flesh, with every cracked and splintered bone and with every snapped ligament and tendon. The seekers of the mysterious grail risking all and everything for one brief glance inside the locked palace of the king!

That one instant, that one moment, when the man experiences the peak ecstasy of human life called strength in her naked and pure seductiveness and makes her his own. And then, having once known her, he must have more for he has been seduced. He has felt strength.

He will pursue her to the extinction of his being or beyond. Perhaps she will even bring about his utter annihilation in that moment of satiation. And he will die in the midst of battle with his eyes raised to that which is more than himself.

With hands outstretched, screaming from a heart ablaze, he will cry, “Deeper than the mortal zone where individuals and multitudes struggle, in the inmost depths of the boundless essence that penetrates all, I have found myself. At long last I have arrived outside the confines of human society. A wave of triumph frees my soul as I surrender myself to the force which turns the axis of the very universe.”

A deep process of renewal has taken place within the man. Now, it will never be possible for him to be human except on another plane. He has found strength!

And you thought you were just pullin’ a fuckin’ deadlift!

This is the state from which I approach “training,” the qualitative aspect of strength and power, that which once was a science and an art of warrior kings known as “ars regia,” or the royal art.

To tap into and utilize on the physical plane as “strength,” an unlimited force from a higher plane through the agency of a warrior’s heart. The art of bringing unlimited and unmanifest force into manifestation through the physical as “strength.”

This art demands the absolute focus and undivided attention that was a rhythm in the hearts of the conquerors. It ain’t for sissies, it ain’t for pretenders, and it ain’t for those who believe in limitation.