The "Lost" Workouts

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So, “Lost” is done, going out in a blaze of glory one last time on Sunday night.

While the rest of the world is focused on what happened with the series finale — “Was it good or bad?” — we at EliteFTS have more pressing concerns.

Through all this mess of crashing on a deserted island, people dying and coming back to life and the survivors getting attacked and tormented by a variety of strange and sometimes goofy creatures, we wondered how they got in workouts.

You see it’s not always easy to stay in shape when you’re stranded on an island with no weight room in sight. I’m sure it wasn’t easy and with all the drama they had to deal with, well, forget about it.

Luckily, we saved you the concern and brief scare that might have just come over you in imagining these scenarios, and we came up with these simple solutions.

Call it the “Lost” workouts. Use some of these the next time you’re being filmed while stranded in a remote locale.

1. Of course, it would always be easy to swim to stay in shape. Plus, you can look for fish and other sea creatures that would make for good meals.

Those protein bars you packed for the plane ride won’t last forever.

2. Find the nearest tree trunk, chop it down and you’ve got yourself the perfect piece of equipment for log presses, bench presses, squats and deadlifts. Find some rocks or perhaps some concrete blocks – maybe even some spare parts from the plane that crash-landed on this remote paradise. It might not be a power rack, but it will have to do.

3. Run on the sand. Once you’ve built up some stamina, you can drag some rocks or other parts you’ve found. Consider it an island version of a sled or prowler.

4. Bodyweight exercises are always helpful. Plus, you’re on a beach and you’ll want to look good when you are eventually rescued – or taken captive.

5. Cut a hole in that volleyball you brought, put some sand in it and you’ve got a medicine ball. You’ve also created a companion and you can call him Wilson, Ted or whatever you want.

5. Your books are probably ruined and you’ve got no way to watch movies, so you will need come up with your own entertainment.

Assuming you’ve finished training for the day – throw some stones or flip some logs if you’re bored with what we’ve suggested - get your rest or try to get creative with your free time. You'll have plenty of it.

Now, your plane might have included the EliteFTS troll and it might have also included some random EFS pieces of equipment.

Provided it wasn’t destroyed during the crash, it could be beneficial.

But what piece of equipment would be the best to have in this “Lost” situation if you could only have one?

Our Facebook readers came up with some good suggestions.

Here’s what we have so far:

  1. “Reverse hyper. I am sure it can turn into a rowing boat.” – Michael Kerley
  2. “A bar with plates!” – Darran Kennedy
  3. “Just a barbell with a ton of weight. That’s everything you need.” – Iain Dockery
  4. “A bar and plates aside, give me a power rack, you can squat, bench (floor or beach press, whichever it may be) deadlift, rack pull, shrug pullups dips, legs raises and I’m sure a million other things with one simple machine.” – Brandon Braner
  5. “Some bags for the all the sand on the island. I can use my sandbag weights to also build shelter.” – Daniel J. Sanidad
  6. “A saw or axe.” – Brandon Griffin
  7. “Power rack. “ – Michael Landry
  8. “A prowler.” – Joel Mata
  9. “For us undergrounders, the choice is easy. With a machete, I could make a heap of stuff, including lifting logs from palm trees, crude rope from woven leaves, pulling sled out of wood. I could also use different sized rocks for lifting.” – John Legg
  10. “A harness. We’ll go at it strongman/highland games style - palm tree toss, awkward object relay, heaviest-thing-you-can-find drag.” – Lindsey Craft
  11. “Kettlebell. You can do it all.” – Matthew Smith
  12. “An EZ curl bar with weights. I'm going to be on a beach a whole lot, so I gotta polish my guns.” – Mike Gipson
  13. “Swiss bar because it’s 10% off.” – Lukasz Orzelski
  14. “My gymnastic rings. I’ve got my bodyweight.” – Andrew Marlow
  15. “Adjustable dumbbells. I would do a lot of bodyweight exercises (one leg deadlift, pushups, squats), deep-sand walking and sprinting.” – Maya Givaty
  16. “Foam roller, so I can float away.” – Anthony Jones
  17. “TRX.” – Shelly Kelnhofer
  18. “Barbell and weights. You can find two trees close to each other and use a rock to hack out a power rack.” – Emilio Soto
  19. “I would go with the TRX.” – Jason Fleenor
  20. “Prowler. Funny, I would like to see that get pushed on the beach.” – Ryan Jobs
  21. “Blast straps!” – Samuel Kessler
  22. “A medicine ball.” – Darriel Kitchens
  23. “My first response is a weighted vest, but, after reading these, a machete to cut stuff so I could make my own equipment.” – Nate Young

Do you have other suggestions? Let us know.

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