I've been asked several times to document how I dieted down for this last (and hopefully last) transformation. Rather than spending a great deal of time introducing all this let's just cut to the case.

Diet Plan

Sept - October

*I was basically back to being The Captain and eating everything in sight. I was in a strength building training phase and really didn't care what I was eating.


*I checked my body fat and weight and realized I was around 16% at 292. I decided I needed to clean up my diet and drop some of the fat. Around the same time, my son was put on a gluten free, sugar free, etc. diet so I just changed my foods to the same as his and kept eating as much as I liked.

*No other changes were made to my diet, but this was a pretty big one from a nutritional value because a large percentage of the food I was eating contained little to no nutritional value.

*From a training perspective I transitioned from a strength phase into a volume based bodybuilding phase.

*No cardio was added at this time.


*Same as November except I began to wave my training volume so I had high, medium and low volume training days.


*Tested body fat again and came in at 12.65% at 277 ( I use a 7 site caliper test and the same person for all my body fat testing). Since I was on par, nothing was changed.


*This is when I decided it was time to take the weight and body fat down and keep it down. Until this point I just wanted to take some of the fat off but never made a decision that this would be a "life change" instead of a "diet phase." My goal became to get down to 250 pounds and keep in that range and not blow back up. This is when I began to get serious about what I was doing and began to take a more strategic approach.

* Cardio was also added 3-4 times per week for 20 minutes.

* I should also note while I ate clean all week, I did allow myself to eat anything I wanted on Saturday.


*Same as February. No changes were necessary.


* I tested my body fat again and came in at 10% and 270lbs. It was at this point I knew I was going to need some help. Based on past diets, the closer I got to 8% the more hell my life became. I wanted to avoid this. So I called Shelby Starnes. After speaking to him about what I wanted to do and why we decided to hook up and get the job done.

*I should note my goal this time down was body weight related. While this may sound odd, I didn't care about my lean body mass because based on past body fat tests and where I was at the time, I knew I had to drop muscle to do this.


This is a good question. I guess the honest answer is I'm not going to compete on any platform or show so I really don't need to walk around with over 240 pounds of lean body mass. I know...I know...it took me a LONG TIME to wrap my head around that one. YEARS actually. This is part of the reason I always ended up back around 290 after each diet. The diet rebound alone would put me at 280 pounds, so I had to have a plan to keep this from happening again.

Oh, my health is also 100 times better at 250 than 290 pounds. That was the reason why I lost all the weight in the first place - years ago.

*A few days later the diet and cardio was set:

6 days per week DIET:
Protein: 360 grams
Carbs: 200 grams
Fat: 110 gram

1 HIGH day per week:
Protein: 275 grams
Carbs: 600 grams
Fat: as low as possible

*Over the next four weeks, the carbs did drop some more, but overall with the exception of some slight diet and cardio tricks, the program stayed the same.

*Cardio averaged six days per week, 30 minutes moderate intensity.

Here is a sample moderate day:

Diet Prep For Meatheads


*Bodyfat and bodyweight were coming off at a normal pace, so the changes being made were not very extreme. Cardio was bumped up to 40 minutes, 6 days per week. Carbs were lowered to 100-120 depending on where my weight was at and what I looked like. A Super High Day day was added on Saturday. Based on my past diet history and that I'm not that carb sensitive, Shelby thought this was a better move than adding a cheat meal. I agreed with this one 100% and this day ended up making a big difference in how I looked, felt and the pace fat would begin coming off (NOTE: this day can also make someone a fat pig and kill your diet if you don't do well with carbs). Shelby also changed some other things such as meal timing, how many carb meals I had before training and when I did my cardio that picked up the pace. Actually too much, so a couple cheat meals had to be added.


*Only minor changes were made and those delt with when to add in super high days and cheat meal. For the most part everything was staying the same. Body fat was tested at 6.5% and then later at 5.7%.


*Early July the goal weight was hit and exceeded. The goal was to go 10 pounds under what I wanted to be to allow some rebound room. I hit 240 the first day of vacation (Florida and then a Cruise). While on vacation, my weight dropped another 7 pounds (water weight) so I now had what I thought was a lot of room to play with. During vacation I added on some cheat meals, etc and came back around 250. I knew much of it was water, so I took some pics and sent off to Shelby and we decided to do a short mini diet to really see where I was at and were we were really starting at. Yes, you read that correct. In my mind the process stars now. After the first time down dieting has been easy for me. Let me rephase that, maybe not easy but do-able. I don't mind being hungry, tired, etc and there are times this can be VERY bad, but I've always seen that as a good thing because it reminds me of the focus I need to get the job done. It also keeps me on pace.

What has not been easy is finding a middle ground. Say staying under 10% and 250 pounds. This is the new challenge now and one, after so many years, I'm ready to embark on.

The plan has been set and put into action. I will share this later but for now my weight ranges between 242 and 247 depending on the day.

Where am I now?

This was pulled from my training log on 07-28-10.........

My Training & Diet is moving along great. My weight this morning was 246 and my strength on everything is now over where it was before my diet started weighing close to 290 pounds. The only exception would be the movements I haven't added back into my program yet.

From a heath standpoint all indicators from blood pressure to all blood work is holding in normal range. With the exception of my shoulder arthritis ROM issues, I have zero joint pain to speak of so things are good.

It took a hell of a long time to get here and I had to do a lot of things I really don't like (dieting, steady state cardio, etc) but I can look back now and say it was worth it.

Is this sustainable? At first I didn't know for sure, but after staying steady for the past four weeks I know it is - as long as I stick to the plan.

The truth is that only time will tell.

My Diet Plan

My Macros are:
Protein - 400 grams
Carbs - 200 grams(240-260 on training days)
Fat - 100 grams

For the most part my diet stays the same. The only change I make is on training days I will add one or two scoops of Biotest Surge Workout Fuel 4lbs 2oz in my training cocktail (2 on leg days) and one Biotest Finibar 12 Bars between bodyparts.

Since I'll be changing my training program next week, I figured I should document what I've been doing over the past phase.

My training split has been:

Day 1 - Chest, Triceps

Day 2 - Back

Day 3- Legs

Day 4 - Shoulder, Biceps

*calves and abs are tossed in a couple times per week when I can.

I take two days off per week whenever I feel I need them.

Cardio - It has been four times per week for 45 minutes but last week I dropped it to three times a week for 30 minutes.

Training Plan

You can see most of this in my training log, but for the most part I use a higher training volume when dieting to burn more calories. When I get burned out from this (usually 8-12 weeks) I flip over to a very low volume but higher intensity type training until I get burned out from that. Right now my training is lower volume. I like to use higher volume training when dieting for one very simple reason - it burns more calories! I no longer mind doing cardio, but have done up to two hours a day and would rather never do that again. I'd much rather spend more time in the weight room doing what I love to do. At the start of this process I was training four days per week. By July, I was training six days per week on a four-day training split.


I'll break this into several groups, but will say from the forefront this aspect (as with diet) I've had better luck contracting other people to do this for me. I don't want to keep up on the research and don't have the time to see what everyone else is doing.

Powders and Bars

Biotest Finibar 12 Bars - I eat this between body parts, or after my first couple movements. I don't use this if I'm dieting because I'd rather not have the carbs or calories.

Biotest Metabolic Drive Bar 12 Bars - I'll have two or three of these as a meal replacement. Not as good as real food, but it works for meal and I like the way they taste. I'll also drop these if I'm lowering carbs.

Biotest Spike Shotgun Drink 24-16oz Cans - I drink one or two of these a day, but I always use one for my pre-peri and post training mix. This mix is one of these, two 32 ounce Powerade zeros, 1-2 scoops Biotest Mag-10 1lb 6.8oz , 1-2 scoops Biotest Anaconda 1lb 13.7oz, and 1-2 scoops Biotest Surge Workout Fuel 4lbs 2oz. I mix this all together in a couple big water bottles and drink it on the way to the gym, while training and then finish what is left after the session. If I'm watching carbs and dieting hard, I won't have the workout fuel, but will have the rest of the mix.

Biotest Low Carb Metabolic Drive 2lbs - I usually eat five times per day. Three are full meals and two are shakes or bars. The bars are usually during the day, as they are more portable and the shake is always before I go to bed. I mix 2-3 scoops with egg whites and whatever else I can toss in there. There are other times I'll just use whey protein instead. No real reason except a change of flavor. I may also take whey after I train, but lately I just have my next meal right after I train.

Biotest Superfood 4.94oz - I take one serving a day.

Fiber - I will also mix fiber in with my shakes or take chewable fiber tabs with meals.

Biotest L-Leucine 15.8oz - I have no idea how much of this I take, but it's a lot. I toss it in almost everything I drink all day long. It has no taste, so it ends up in Diet Dr Pepper, Water, Shakes, etc.

I will also change in some other bars from time to time, but really haven't found any I can eat all the time with the exception of the ones listed, so I keep those with me all the time.

Tabs & Caps

Animal Pak 44 Pack - One pack with breakfast.

Animal Flex Joint Support 44 Pack - One pack with lunch.

Biotest Hot-Rox Extreme 110 Capsules - One when I wake up and one or two before cardio.

Biotest Curcumin 500 60 Tablets - I take two with each food meal.

Acidophilus - One with every meal to help with digestion.

Digestive enzymes - Two with every food meal.

D3 - 1000iu

Biotest Flameout 90 Capsules - Three with every food meal.

Biotest Rhiodiola Rosea 60 Capsules - I usually don't take this except for when I'm transitioning from one training phase to another and feel beat down. Right now I take two with breakfast and two with lunch. After a few weeks, I drop it back out again.

Hawthorn berry - 1100mg with breakfast to help with blood pressure.

Biotest Z-12 80 Capsules - 4-6 before bed.

Biotest Elite Pro Mineral Support - 210 tabs - a hand full before bed.

Biotest Alpha GPC 4.23 fl oz - If I know I'm going to be doing a lot of high rep sets I will take this 45 min before training.

* I may also take SuperPump250 1.76lbs or Animal Pump 30 Packs before I train if I'm really dragging ass.

IV Vitamin Therapy

This is all set-up by Dr. Serrano based on my blood work, so I really have no idea what's in the bags. I don't take any of the above supplements on the days I've this done or the day after. The IV work is used 2 times per month. This is something I've been doing for the past 4-5 years so the bags run in cycles and the doses change based on my blood work.

I did have Rachel ask the nurse last time she was out and this is what she was told.

"Ok - she said she puts other things in, but didn't want to "give away" everything and also that things like "heparin" are too controversial...so basically she left some things out. 🙂"
- Rachel

Two Bags:

Bag 1 is for Detox
- EDTA - Detoxifying agent
- Potassium
- Magnesium Sulfate
- Sodium Bicarbonate

Bag 2 is Nutritional
- Vitamin C
- Free-form amino acids
- Taurine
- Mutli-trace minerals are added
- Zeal
- Coenzyme
- Ubichinon
- HCl

- Shot of liver

*Also contains a Myer's Cocktail which is embellished and x 2 of what is normal
- B-12
- D-3
- Resveratrol

Supplement Q and A

After posting the my supplement list in my training log I was asked this question and thought it should be included with this article.


Love the company and the site, you and your team do an amazing job and are the best in the business.

My question is in regards to your supplements. I saw the list you posted the other day on your log and it's quite the laundry list of ingredients. Most people however don't have the access to everything on the list due to various reasons. Could be a financial reason since supplements are never cheap, could be a time restraint due to work and family, or could be just a reluctance to slam their body with so many things day in and day out. Whatever the reason I think it's probably pretty safe to say that your average reader and average lifter takes anywhere from 1-4 supplements a day.

So what I wanted to ask you is if you had to put yourself in their situation and could only select 3-5 supplements you NEED to have, what would you take? Let's assume this is a very well-equipped desert island. Obviously, nothing illegal and let's just assume that a basic protein powder of some sort is already in every weight lifter's cabinet across the world so anything other than that. Something like surge or Anaconda or a custom protein powder blend are something you can choose however since those are less common that a tub of whey.

Let's assume a basic goal of getting stronger and looking better. No crazy weight gain or weight loss or competition prep. I guess I'm just curious what you feel is essential. Is it your peri-workout nutrition? Your health supplements? A little of A and a little of B?

And hey, no taking the easy way out and saying something like "all you need is some protein, determination and good genetics".
My question is in regards to your supplements. I saw the list you posted the other day on your log and it's quite the laundry list of ingredients.

- Adam


This is a GREAT question. I love it!

To answer this lets look at the list again and dig into my reasons why I take each item.

Powders and bars

Metabolic Drive Bars, Shakes, Whey Protein - I'm too lazy to make as many meals as I need to eat so I use these as food.

Superfood and Fiber - I hate vegetables, greens, etc so I have this instead.

If you eat more meals, food, etc all the about can be covered. This leaves the Finibar and L-leucine. I do like the Finibar for long training sessions, but don't use it if I'm dieting. I do think it helps but have never tried food while training so your call.

L-leucine is left. While I'm not one to read research studies and poor over countless articles I've had far too many people who do this - and that I trust - tell me to use it so I do.

Spike - Who doesn't love this. Zero calories, zero carbs and stronger than Monster, Rockstar and everything else combined. No brainier.

Anaconda - Mag 10 - There is no doubt in my mind this helps my recover and at the very least pulls in another 40-60g of Protein while and after I train. This also mean less chicken and beef to eat.

Tabs and Caps

Animal Pack - My calories are being held back, my food intake is pretty much the same stuff day in and day out (my choice). I feel I need a multi to fill any voids. This is one we sell so its easy for me to get. If I was eating a wider variety of foods and more calories I wouldn't use it at all.

Flex Joint Support - Just started this. No idea yet. I'll wait to see if it will help my ROM in my shoulder. I doubt it will but can't hurt to try.

Hot Rox - fat burner. Now that I'm not really dieting I wont use this except before cardio.

Curcumin - I've used this for a long time and it does help me with inflammation.

Acidophilus and digestive enzymes - these help me to digest. If I don't use room, it rumbles around in my stomach. The only way around this for me is to be totally whey, soy, milk, and sugar fee.

D3 - We all need more D.

Flamout - Fish oils for health. I don't and WON'T eat fish. I hate it!

Z-12 - to help sleep. My brain is on all the damn time. This helps and it better than taking Lunesta.

Rhidiola Rosea - I only use this when I feel burnt out and that's not very often. I tend to over train so this helps get me out of any rut I dig myself into.

Mineral Support - It's hot, I train a lot and am still doing cardio. I also don't drink as much as I should. This helps with cramping.

Alpha GPC - I use this more during strength phases. It seems to work better for me then and when I have more food in my system.

The NO crap - I still have no idea if any of that helps but if it's laying around I will take it.

IV Therapy

This began when my blood work was a wreck and has been part of the routine ever since. This I leave up to my doctor to figure out. This won't be an option for most people so I'll leave it out. I rarely write about it for the same reasons. While I'm sure cost is an issue you also need to find people who know what the hell they are doing and this side of medicine (The Holistic Side) can be awesome it's also full of a bunch of morons who have no idea what they are doing or why. I'm very lucky in this regard since my Doctor is a MD and knows more about diet and supplementation than anyone I've ever meet in my life.

So there you go. Now what are we left with? I think we are left with the reality of what supplements are and why and how they should be used.....

....as supplements.

For the most part the stuff I take is in place of food I could or should eat (with some exceptions).

If you want to set up your own program then you need to first look at....

1. What are you eating now.

2. What should you be eating (or not) to help you meet your goals.

3. What are you willing to do or add in (eat or not eat) to fill the gap between #1 and #2.

4. If you decide #3 is better filled because of your lifestyle, etc with the use of supplements than use them to help fill the gap.

5. If all gaps are full but there are some voids left over such as recovery is not on par than look at your training and diet first and then if you want to add in a supplement product to try and help then do so.

For what I've seen I've meet very few people who couldn't use: a multi viat, fish oils, greens, and a protein supplement so I would look there first.

As you can see I'm REAL lazy, don't want to cook, and will not eat foods I can't stand just for "nutritional value." Because of this my supplement list is pretty big.

- Dave