I'd like to thank you for reading this message, and for your support of elitefts.com. I will not take much of your time.

As we embark on this holiday season, I first want to extend to you all a safe, strong, and healthy holiday season.

Better Than Black Friday

You may have already seen we started our Better Than Black Friday sales. We started this a couple of years ago with a simple concept: to provide the very best pricing for the year to those who support us most. It works like this. Once or twice a week, we will put a couple of product categories on sale at a price that is great for you, but makes our stomach turn a bit. These offers will be noted as, "Better Than Black Friday," and the pricing will be the lowest we will go on these items and categories all year. These offers WILL BE better than what you see on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday, Yellow Thursday, Orange Tuesday or whatever else that hits the market this season.

Be on the lookout for...

My reminder here is this isn't a sales gimmick, but the real deal. We will have almost all items on sale for Black Friday, but not at the same discounted pricing as you will see with these offers, and assuming we are not stocked out by then.

The Annual Equipment Sale

Once a year, we get with our production team and suppliers to offer our annual strength equipment sales. We are still working on the details for this, but I can tell you the launch date will be November 15th. Again, these will be the best prices we offer all year!

Thank you,

Live, Learn, Pass on...

Dave Tate

CEO Elitefts.com Inc