In this episode, the NEW FU Apparel Line drops and Dave Tate and Sam Brown discuss Sam's latest competition all while Dave gets kicked out of the Void. Dave and Sam go on to discuss Sam cutting for his Elite Total at the competition and overcoming injuries. Sam even talks about all he's learned from Dave as they look to the future. Don't miss this episode filled with learning experiences for competition and the real world.

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Todays Topics Include

00:00 Introduction

01:40 FU Apparel DT SIgnature

08:20 Sam’s Training Update/Training Partnet Communication and Fatigue

17:13 Should Sam Cut for a Potential Elite Total??

23:00 The BENEFITS of Multiply Lifting/Youtube Loves Sam…

31:00 Last Heavy Sessions Before a Meet? What Accessories and Life Stressors?

37:30 Dave Gets KICKED OUT of the Void? How Conjugate are you?Snorting Smelling Salts?

46:56 Train Your Ass Off Meadows Edition/Passing out?!/Working with Online Coaches?

1:09:00 QnA Begins Best Training for Older Lifters?

1:20:00 Where have all the Fleshlights GONEEEE

1:23:00 What carries over to deadlifts better?

1:23:30 What Lessons Sam Has Learned From Dave

1:25:12 Groin Injuries and Recovering from Injuriy 101

1:38:10 Elitefts Sponsoring Athletes?

1:41:56 1000 Pound Squats just Feel Different

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