Dave Tate and Sam Brown sit down for Dave Tate's Table Talk Podcast with Troponin Nutrition creator Justin Harris and IFBB Pro and DPT Dani LaMartina as they talk all things diet, training, and how you can bridge the gap between performance and recovery. With their different backgrounds, both Justin Harris and Dani LaMartina bring something special to this week's podcast episode. This episode is packed with information and humor as Justin and Dani discuss the previous day's workouts and even more on the recovery training they performed.

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Todays Topics Include

00:00 Introduction

03:16 Training Weakpoints (A New Perspective)

06:30 High-Intensity Training Explained

10:19 Crossing the Threshold to the Change you Want Nutrition and Training (Bigger Target)

15:50 The Fugly Phase of Dieting and The Reality of Looking Lean

21:47 Glycogen Depletion and How Much Protein you REALLY need

27:40 Filling a Cup Analogy for Calories and 20 Lbs a Muscle a Year?!

32:40 Hypertrophy and Muscle Building in the Gym and Ronnie Coleman’s Technique/ FINDING the______/Given the Space fo Learn

1:05:01 The Big Rocks Matter/ Simple Works Best/Pre-Work Is Killing You

1:11:53 IntraWorkouts Explained

1:14:00 Finding a GOOD Clinician to Work on You

1:22:00 The Best Coaches/Clinicians are BUSY working with clients! This shit TAKES TIME!

1:42:00 Change is UNCOMFORTABLE

1:47:37 QNA 5 Weeks Out from My Meet…

1:49:00 Bench is my WORST lift?

1:55:00 The 3 Key Takeaways from Dave

1:59:34 Weight Stretching (Clinical and Meathead)

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