Vincent Dizenzo's Rant on Warming Up

Here we go…

If you don't pay attention to my warmup, recovery, and cardio work – you're stupid! I feel confident that I would not be hitting PRs into my 40's without it. Here's another news flash: I f'n hate doing it!

Seriously, if anyone thinks I like going from a piping hot relaxing shower to a freezing cold contrast, you're out of your mind. That being said, I feel better after I do it. However, I go through a mental struggle every time. Just like with icing, rolling, warming up, etc.

I'm like a little kid being told to brush his teeth. I don't know why I don't want to do it, I just don't. The above mentioned things don't take a lot of time. There's no excuse not to do them, so I do them.

If you're not taking time to take care of the body you punish regularly lifting weights, then you're an a$$. If you don't have enough time, take some away from your training. I'm not telling you to make time. It's time you are already using. Just cut down on training and start doing recovery work. You'll feel better and more than likely, perform better.

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