For elitefts columnist Ashley Jones, visiting the elitefts S5 Compound is like being a kid in a candy store. Thing is, too much candy can give a kid a stomachache, which is why pretty much everything should be done in moderation.

That’s also why Ashley is going to show off his top-5 go-to pieces of equipment that should be in every strength and conditioning complex for a rugby program.

1. Multi-Grip Log Bar

The Multi-Grip Log Bar is great for Ashley’s rugby players because nearly every rugby player will end up with a shoulder and/or neck injury. He recommends using this bar for the bench press in particular because that position, along with the Multi-Grip Log Bar, takes more stress off the shoulder joints and brings the elbows in. It also works the triceps and allows for more grip variations.

2. SS Yoke Bar

This elitefts specialty bar has revolutionized training for the squat. It takes a lot of stress off the shoulders and lets you sit back when performing box squats, which is the squat Ashley utilizes the most for his rugby players.

“I think that anyone who squats with just a normal bar is doing their athletes a disservice.”

Specialty bars are great for safety, which is a top priority for strength and conditioning coaches. The more specialty bars, the better.

3. The Prowler

It’d be a mistake if Ashley failed to include the prowler in his top-5 pieces of equipment. Rugby requires a lot of horizontal components, such as running and tackling. If you only focus on vertical components, such as the squat, you’re not going to get the full benefits of exercise. As for getting that horizontal component, that’s where the prowler comes in. It’s great for long and short distances and as a conditioning tool.

“I think it’s probably one of the greatest pieces of equipment you can actually include in your program for not only rugby development but any sport in general.”

4. Posterior Chain Developer

Over the years, Ashley has found that the biggest area rugby players need more work in is posterior chain development. There’s no better way to tackle that area than with the PCD. With this piece of equipment, you can use two of the most important exercises for the glute and hamstring combination area. It’ll help you greatly enhance the strength of the glutes and hamstring and improve overall injury prevention and performance enhancement.

5. Belt Squat

Given the number of rugby players that have issues with their hips and suffer from axial loading issues on the shoulders, the belt squat takes off a lot of that pressure and allows them to get a good squat and get the correct range of motion. Plus, it’s multi-purpose, which is always a bonus.