It’s that time of year again — holidays, joy, sugar cookies, and gift-giving. We’re looking for YOU to create your 2019 holiday gift list — a product list that will help an out-of-touch shopper buy gifts for their special and significant trainee. This is the time to be specific with your ideas: 10 Items for the Retired Powerlifter Who Can’t Tie His Shoe Laces, 5 Items for the Gym Bro in a Quest for an Instagram Total, 6 Attachments to Build a Christmas Tree Back... you get the idea.

Last year, some team members joined in, too:

Each entry needs an intro, a listing of items, an explanation for each item (why), a closing paragraph, and a 3-4 sentence bio.

Check out the four examples from last year below:

Send your holiday gift list to If your article is selected (based on cleverness, attention to detail, formatting style, creativity, good looks, PL total, etc.), you’ll be notified with a publishing date and $50. We’ll be accepting articles from now until December 15th.

After all of the Christmas gift lists are published, we'll then open a voting poll for readers and team members to choose the best list — the winner will win an additional $500!

Note: The $50 and $500 will be provided in elitefts store points. 1 point = $1. Points are redeemable upon store checkout.