Perhaps the most important topic we've ever covered in our Table Talk series is in today's video: which is better, thin crust or hand-tossed pizza? Instead of explaining the intricacies of topping-choice and the important ways that pizza consumed carries over to weight lifted on meet day, Dave and JL define an important point of eating, training, and life: combining two good things doesn't always produce a great thing.

In this video, Dave and JL cover a variety of topics, including the importance of getting real-world experience outside of your field of expertise. They specifically discuss how the first jobs they ever had in life produced skills and lessons that have carried over to being business owners.

Several of the many points they cover:

  • Pizza is more about sauce than anything else.
  • "If the sauce tastes like shit, your pizza is worthless."
  • If you want cheese sticks, order a great hand-tossed pizza and some cheese sticks. Don't try to get both unless you're going to order both.
  • JL's first job was sweeping floors in an auto repair shop. Dave's was cleaning toilets.
  • Among JL's jobs before he became a successful business owner: pizza shop, Subway, janitorial work, telemarketing, and door-to-door sales.
  • Playing it safe in life won't take you very far.

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