The health of your spine: It determines how much you can squat, how well you can deadlift, and even how you should bench press. Beyond that, it's also responsible for the quality of life you have outside of the gym — can you move? Are you able to pick up your children without wincing from the pain shooting through your lumbar spine? Can you tie your shoes in the morning?

You shouldn't need any motivation to keep your spine healthy. Nearly everything you do in life depends on it.

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A guest again for this Table Talk video, JL Holdsworth joins Dave Tate to talk about the spine and how to maintain a healthy spine as you progress through powerlifting or other strength sports. Among the many points they cover is the importance of how you sleep. Whether it means two pillows or seven pillows, the best thing you can do for your back is ensure that you are sleeping in a position that isn't detrimental to the health of your spine. The other primary factor in spinal health? How you train.

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