Peaking for a meet is one of the most difficult challenges a lifter faces. A mistake in the final two weeks could mean ruining an entire 14-week training cycle. Under a training system like the conjugate method, famous for max effort and dynamic effort training days, the process of peaking for competition seems even more complex. Most lifters who train with the conjugate method use a form of peaking known as the Circa Max phase.

In this Table Talk video, Dave and JL talk about the aspects of Circa Max that many lifters overlook. Discussing how to peak for a meet, Dave and JL cover the following points:

  • A Circa Max phase is only for an advanced lifter — beginner or intermediate lifters should peak using a different method.
  • The last heavy squat of a Circa Max phase should be three weeks before the meet. This should be the most difficult squat of the whole training cycle and should take three whole weeks to recover from.
  • The number one rule of Circa Max: the last workout should crush you. You should be able to do it, but it should take everything you've got to finish the lift.
  • The top end weight of your Circa Max lifts must be equal, close to, or greater than your max lifts. This is what makes it Circa Max.
  • You cannot enter Circa Max at any time you choose. You have to train just to be ready for Circa Max. When you start it, you should already be prepared and ready for the meet.

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