The Movement You Can't Do Without

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If you were to ask any coach, trainer or lifter "What's the most important muscle group in sports?" The posterior chain will always come out on top.
Now, if you asked these same people what the best movements for these muscles are, the Glute Ham Raise will always make the list.

The only limiting factor would be not having one.

We all know money is a rare commodity to come across these days, so I crunched the numbers and managed to work out a great deal with our GHR line that can allow you to save up to $150 per unit.

There is a catch - always is. The margins on equipment are not what they used to be. The cost of materials, labor, shipping and insurance have all gone way up over the years...and to make matters worse we post our prices online. This means we can't overbid and then give you a big friendly discount in the end. We have to make sure our best price is online because we know people compare and we want to make the process for you as easy as we can. If you have ever tried to call and ask for a discount on any of our equipment, you know this is true.

So the catch is all sales have to be placed online before Monday, April 26th.

I could tell you all of the different exercises you can do on the GHR...

*Back Raises

*Straight Leg Sit Ups

*Bilateral Leg Lifts

*One Leg Back Raises

*Side Bending Torso Training

*Russian Twists

*Standing Inclined Triceps Extensions

*Standing Inclined Dumbbell Presses

*Standing Sit-ups with bands (attached to foot plate)

*Upper Back Stretching

*YTML’s (shoulder work)

But the truth is, most people only use it for one exercise - the Glute Ham Raise. This is the reason we have designed the pad and angle to maximize the work of the glutes and hamstrings - watch the video to see how. This is exclusive to the EliteFTS line and one feature that has given us a strong competitive advantage with the Glute Ham Raise line.

Here are some of the many things this exercise can provide for you:

* Speed (coach/trainer)
* Injury prevention (coach/trainer)
* Strength in the deadlift (lifter)
* Strength in the squat (all)
* Bodyweight training (youth, coach, trainer, older lifter, injured lifter)

Sample GHR exercises.

Here are some of the reasons why our GHR is the best:

Notice this is not some staged BS sales video talking about how you have to have this unit and how it will change your life forever. This video was shot during a training session using a product we strongly believe in. That is how it should be! If you think it's the best, then you better be using it...right?

Not sure which GHR is best for you? We have a couple different ones for you to choose from.

Five Different Versions of the GHR:

1. The Glute Ham Raise – This is perfect for the home gym and the high school that is on a very tight budget. The Glute Ham Raise features the same pad angle and foot pad that we have tested and approved. This is the same GHR that is in many garage gyms that feature some of the biggest and strongest lifters. This is built to last.

2. The Deluxe GHR – The Deluxe GHR features band hooks, a chrome checker plated foot plate and a step up platform. The step up platform is ideal to get in and out of the machine and this feature makes it ideal for high schools and colleges. The band pegs allow an easy way to add resistance for your stronger athletes. The pad can come in two different colors; one color for the top of the pad and one for the side. The Deluxe GHR is exactly what your training center, college or high school is looking for; it looks great and is very easy to use.

3. The Collegiate GHR– The Collegiate GHR is our most recent addition. Not only does it feature band hooks, chrome checker plate, two-toned pad option and a step up platform, but it also operates on linear bearings. This makes the Collegiate GHR extremely easy to adjust, especially when working with numerous athletes at the same time. The Collegiate GHR is built for the training center, university or high school that wants form and function

4. The Professional GHR – This is the biggest daddy of them all. This is for the university or training center that wants the best and wants everyone to know they have the best. With the foot plate and pad measuring 3 feet in length, this GHR is built to for wide stance GHR’s and sit-ups. This is a great way to strengthen your hips and hamstrings. The EFS Professional GHR features linear bearings, chrome checker plate foot plate and step up platform and band hooks. There is no GHR that is bigger or badder.

5. The Econo GHR - Lowest price Glute Ham available that really works. 2" x 3" frame, large foot plate and very comfortable knee pad are just a few of the features than make this such a good value.

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