1. Ammonia -  Of course, you'll find this in Chad Aichs' bag, but you'll also find it in McMillan's. "You never know when you are going to need one. They're great for you last set of the day, or if you're going to fall asleep in the car on the way home...even if you need to wake up during a meeting at work..." - Josh McMillan

2. Mini band -  "I use them for stretching arms and shoulders after training. The mini-bands are great because they are flexible and you can apply different amounts of tension with them." - Shelby Starnes

3. Monster Stick - "This is great for loosening up tight hamstrings and quads before squats or deadlifts." - Chad Wesley Smith

4. Surge Workout Fuel- "It provides good steady energy for training sessions. I'll also mix the powder with GROW whey protein for my post workout shake." - Chad Wesley Smith

5. Fat Gripz – "I use them for most pulling and pushing movements. They're great for farmers walks with dumbbells and Elite Swiss bar bench press." - Jim "Smitty" Smith

6. Elite Bands – "I use them for most warm-up movements on the bench, squat, deadlift, x-band walks and pull aparts." - Jim "Smitty" Smith

7. Chalk - "I always keep an extra block of chalk in a zip lock bag." - Jim "Smitty" Smith

8. Matt Kroc Intensity DVD and poster - "Because they are pure awesomeness." - Anonymous (However this person claims Shelby, Jim and Pegg have this in their gym bags as well...)

9. EFS Super Heavy Wrist Wraps - "I always carry these with me in my special Team EliteFTS bag. I've been competing in powerlifting for over a decade. These are the most supportive wraps I've ever worn." - Vincent Dizenzo

10. Travel Stick - This is found in many lifters' bags including: Vincent Dizenzo, Scott Yard, and Matt Rhodes.

11. Power Belt - "Every powerlifter needs a good belt. It provides support and confidence to get me through the toughest workouts." - Ted Toalston

12. EFS Super Heavy Knee Wraps and EFS Super Heavy Knee Sleeves - "They are the best, most supportive wraps I've ever used. For anyone with knee problems, these will eliminate them. They also keep my knees warm and supported during squatting. I've noticed decrease knee problems since using them regulary." - Matt Rhodes

13. Foam Roller - "I use it after every workout." - Matt Rhodes

14. Monster Milk - "I always have it for my protein fix." - Chad Aichs

15. EFS Red Lifting Straps - "They are great for pull-ups and other lat work." - Bob Youngs

16. Metal Ace (pro) Bench Shirt - "Because it is the best shirt on the market. It's an easy shirt to use and learn." - Joey Smith

17. Blue Heat - "It has seriously saved my body more times than I care to know. I use it on my elbows and AC joint the most. Takes the aches away fast." - Jeremy Frey

18. Suit and Bench Shirt Slippers - "If you don't use these, you are raw! My first suit I didn't have slippers to help get it on. Needless to say it took over an hour to get my suit over my thighs and I didn't have a lot of hair afterward. With the slippers, one minute." - Jeremy Frey

19. Universal Animal Pak - "Here's what's normally in my gym bag. I normally take this supplement in the morning with breakfast and after training." - Charles Bailey

20. King Sumo Deadlifter - "I get my best deadlifts in it." - Charles Bailey