What is DRIVEN?

I'm not sure I can put into words what DRIVEN really means to me, but know I can tell you what it doesn't mean.

It doesn't mean being scared to take your God given ability to its greatest potential.

How many "genetic freaks" do you know who jump out of nowhere to dominate their craft, only to change directions as soon as adversity hits? This doesn't happen because they never had to work hard to get to the top...it's because they were never really DRIVEN to get their in the first place.

It doesn't mean being motivated - or having a motive.

Motive is a goal or objective, but also doesn't express movement. Hence, drive is also an expression of motivation. DRIVEN is an expression of ACTION.

It isn't settling for stagnation or lack of progress.

It is fighting your way for ANY movement, be it forward, backward or sideways.

It isn't being average.

Everyone has dreams, goals, and desires they wish would come true. Those who are DRIVEN don't w-i-s-h  for anything, they w-o-r-k because their fear of being average
drives them to push when others stop.

It isn't ok if you let yourself down.

If you're DRIVEN it's not ok when you fail or don't reach your objective. While you know you can't win them all - if you are DRIVEN, really DRIVEN  – if you end up flat on your back, it won't be a failure because you know you gave EVERYTHING and have absolutely nothing left and WILL get back up and fight harder next time.

It isn't settling for the "everything happens for a reason."

When you are DRIVEN, you don't fall for this mindset. You do what you need to do and move on. You don't get caught up in the pillars of life that are constantly trying to knock you down. These pillars WILL come and they WILL hit and you WON'T know why. This is life and has nothing to do with how DRIVEN you are.

It isn't being a badass that walks around saying they fear nothing.

If you're DRIVEN, you know exactly what you fear…and THIS is what drives you.

Drive is talking about what you are going to do, maybe even writing it down.

DRIVEN is actually DOING IT.


What it means to you...


"If PAIN is WEAKNESS leaving the body, then DRIVE is LAZINESS leaving the soul."

– Rick Murphy


"All things you do in life are directed towards your goal. Drive is immersing yourself 100 percent in your task, and doing all things necessary to achieve it."

– James Joseph Lederach


"Drive is controlling where you're heading."

– Konstantin Weltersbach


"Driven is the road you take to eliminate the question, 'What if I had done...?' It's never taking no for an answer and always going 100mph after what you want."

– Jennifer Petrosino


"No matter who...no matter what...no matter how...being singularly focused on conquering your goals!"

– Jason Rogers


"To succeed no matter what. Through blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice. You let no one or any thing stand in your way of reaching your goals. Knowing that short of death, you can't be stopped! That's f'n drive!"

– Nate Stanton


"DRIVE - It's what conquered nations, built civilizations...and continues to make champions."

– Cody Allison


"Driven is not just a word...it is a way of life."

– Jonathon Bullman


"Driven – running roadblocks down over and over again."

– Jackie Yeap


"How I become more than I am."

– Joey LaRue


"Driven: the fire within."

– Dan N. Meehan


"Taking the mountain of blood, sweat, and pain to gain victory over yourself, while others take the easy road of no prevail."

– Thomas Nichols


"To achieve and pursue greater goals no matter what the cost and never allowing yourself to say I CAN'T or I'LL NEVER ACCOMPLISH THIS."

– Mark Harrington


"Persevering in the face of adversity = developing a cycle of physiological toughness."

– Jacob Wasilewski


"Driven is finding whatever it is you love...and then doing whatever it takes to the point of it becoming as second nature as breathing, to be the best you can be at what you love."

– Chris Thompson


"While others dream of worthy accomplishments, the DRIVEN stay awake and achieve them."

– Ryan 'Bird' Burgess


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